The Tip of the Ice Bird

Temperatures may be plunging into the low teens this week in our neck of the woods…


This is when the rare Ice Bird will sometimes appear on a chilly winter day, clutching a blue icicle.

A small bird identified by its skinny, ice-thin legs, blue tip on the end of its beak and large white eyes.

Legend has it, if you are fortunate to spot one, you will likely live in a warm home and never be without electricity for five consecutive days…

Happy Hunting! β„οΈπŸ¦β„οΈ

27 responses to “The Tip of the Ice Bird

  1. We had the first snow this morning – I hope we will spot an icebird soon. Wonderful…

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  2. Catherine Johnson

    Oh my I hope you’ve spotted one then. 5 days yikes! You haven’t lost your sense of humor.

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  3. Thank goodness the ice bird showed up. You are so funny, I’m sure your sense of humor has kept your loss of heat an adventure.
    Nice touch with the word on the feather!

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  4. Ha ha ha ha ha. …love it!


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  5. You are SO hilarious, Jill! I love your sad looking Ice Bird! x

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  6. how frigid he looks – and so adorable! I am so glad those trucks are finally in your neighborhood! I’m sure you have icicles on the brain! Stay warm!!

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  7. Ahaha, I’ll be looking for that bird! So cute. I love the little wisps at the top of his legs. My gosh it’s early in the winter to already be out of heat that long!

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    • We had a major wind storm that caused MAJOR damage – lots of fallen trees on power poles. We have never been without electricity for this long. 😨 Hopefully, tomorrow will be the day! 🌟🌟🌟

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  8. Oh, Ive been busy, missed how you suffered a long spell without heating. Brr. My my, you must have been very cold after 5 days without heat. Your sense of humor is amazing. But then, it’s the only way to keep it (anywhere near) fun and manageable, isn’t it? Happy for you that the power came back on. In my place we can always put the stove on for some heat — as it works on gas — but it would still mean we’d only have a warm kitchen. Brrr.

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    • Nice to hear from you, Corinne! We had some heat with our gas fireplace in the living room and my hubby purchased a generator on Sat so we had a space heater and some lights. But it was a long 5 days! 😳 So thankful we have heat and electricity again! And yes, it helped to keep my humor! πŸ˜„


  9. A good thing this fellow has long legs…that will keep his little behing above snow. he sure looks like he good use a cozy home…a very funny post Jill! xo Johanna

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  10. Your Ice Bird looks so adorable…I hope you find a flock of them this winter.

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  11. Your ice bird is fabulous!! Love this!! πŸ˜πŸ’•Too bad you didn’t spot him immediately, but he finally turned up! Here’s hoping to a winter full of warmth and electricity!! πŸ˜‰

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