Jumping for Joy


I was jumping for JOY on Sunday evening when we finally got our power back on!  YAY!  So I created this “Toad-ally Electrifying Frog” in celebration.

I created a few other imaginary animals and named them too:



Do you have a favorite?  I’d love to hear from you!  😊

Happy Creating!  🎨

20 responses to “Jumping for Joy

  1. Love the colors in the frog, but that bunny is pretty appealing! Looks like a relative of my daughter’s furbys! (K)

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  2. So cute! Why don’t you take part in this challenge: https://nubilate.wordpress.com/2015/11/24/send-me-your-artwork-challenge/ your art is lovely!

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  3. Of course I love them all! And I can feel your electrifying excitement. I think whirlybird is my fave. 😜

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  4. Catherine Johnson

    Hooray! They are all wonderful!

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  5. Lol Jill, see how creative you become when the heat is turned off for a few days. These characters bring lots of smiles. 😍😄😎

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  6. Love the whirlybird, the colors and the “propeller” on his head! 😊

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  7. Boy, talk about channeling your frustration into creativity! Love the colors of the frog and the impish expression on the bunny, plus his name cracked me up!

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  8. I’d be jumping too Jill, lol. power on is GOOD!! froggy is just too cute 🙂

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  9. They are all fun, bunni is my favorite.

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