My Amazing Moodle

I have finished my moodle that I previously posted:


In case you have forgotten, I invented the name “moodle” to describe my doodle.   I added shading with pencil to complete it:


It always amazes me how a little shading gives more dimension.

Which do you like best?  I’d love to hear from you!  😊

Happy Moodling!  😄

37 responses to “My Amazing Moodle

  1. Too hard to decide. 😝. Both are lovely!!

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  2. LOve them both! Very psychedelic, great work! xo Johanna

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  3. Both – but the first one makes me want to grab some colored pencils and go to town!

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  4. Great job Jill…I love both.


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  5. Very nice – moodle, you’ve invented something I think. Lots intricate and interesting, both are nice.

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  6. Oh I love this stuff!! So peaceful, zen-like! I love the flow of the whole piece, it is intricate and has movement yet calming! love this!!

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  7. Catherine Johnson

    I love both. What an intricate design.

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  8. Very cool moodle Jill, I like the shaded version, too. Every little dot and line was a moment of bliss, right! 😍

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  9. I love these! You do some amazing stuff👍👍❤️

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  10. Oh gorgeous! I think I like the sepia or brown tint even more!

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  11. I can’t choose either. I’m glad you came up with a name other than doodle because these are gorgeous, Jill. Really really beautiful. I don’t know how you do it!

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  12. You must be reading my mind with this one. I am participating in a Zentangle challenge that I plan on posting later today. LOVE the shaded one! Fabulous work!

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  13. Never thought of shading a doodle… very good! I like the shaded version better 🙂

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