The Spud Bug

When I was a kid, (about 10 years old) my dad paid me a penny for each potato bug I collected from the potato plants growing in the garden. I put them in an old jar with a lid.  If you knew me, you’d know that I’m not one who likes bugs but give me an incentive to earn a dollar or two and I’m in!  More money for penny candy which I loved as a child!  🍭

So it doesn’t surprise me when this imaginary SPUD bug appeared in my art today:


I decided to google this “bug” to learn that it is really a BEETLE!  Ha!  The “Colorado Potato Beetle” is .39 inches (10mm) long and a major pest of potato crops. According to Wikipedia, many chemicals are unsuccessful in killing this beetle because of the beetle’s ability to develop resistance to insecticides.

Apparently, this is where I come in – cheap child labor!  Lol!  I was able to afford lots of penny candy as I collected probably 300 of this stripped beetle!

This potato bug, uhm, beetle looks like he is doing the “Mash Potato Dance” which sounds an awful like the “Monster Mash” on YouTube.  Hehe!


I bet you never look at your mashed potatoes in quite the same way!  😜

Happy Friday!

23 responses to “The Spud Bug

  1. He is definitely up to no good! (K)

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  2. Catherine Johnson

    Your bugs are cool. I’d never heard of a potato bug.

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  3. Started the with a good laugh here: thank you and have a great weekend, Johanna xo

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  4. Ooooh….penny candy…some of my favorite childhood memories. My grandfather used to take me and let me pick out ten pieces and they always put them in a little brown bag.

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  5. I liked penny candy too ~ my friend and cousin both lived near a penny candy shop, so I loved visiting them to go to the store as well. I like the way you are coloring and shading your spud characters very much.

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  6. oh I love these cuties – and your story and your memories 🙂

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  7. These critters are just too cute and funny. I wish all bugs were as colorful and artistic.

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  8. Your bugs look far better dressed than the ones I remember as a child…thank you for sharing your lovely art and a free pass to childhood memories.

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  9. Glad you enjoyed them, Haunani! 😃🐛🐞


  10. That first bug is the cutest :)! Love the story behind it, too. Was that you that posted that “monster mash” video a few weeks back? I listened to it quite a while after I saw it posted somewhere 😀

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