Three Ornaments

I have a bowl of vintage glass ornaments that remind me of Christmas past.  When my hubby and I have his family to our home to celebrate Christmas Eve, I like to decorate my table with these ornaments, bells and ribbons. Add a few candles and it makes an inexpensive yet festive table!


I was thinking about these decorations when I created these three ornaments today:


My ornaments and ribbons are Gelli-printed papers I made with acrylic paints earlier this year. I like how festive this looks!

Do you have a favorite holiday ornament?  I’d love to hear from you!

Happy Decorating!  😄

16 responses to “Three Ornaments

  1. Catherine Johnson

    That is beautiful and what an artistic tradition. I put some pine cones and pot pourri in a vase layered with tiny gold and silver balls. I kept it up all year in the end just on the counter.

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  2. Love the colors and transparency! This would be cute framed and sitting by your ornaments.

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  3. I do not have one favorite. There are two brass mini wind chimes that I hang on my tree and have for 35 years or more. Every night when I turn the tree lights out I tinkle the wind chimes. They make such a happy sound. 🙂

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  4. Beautiful post Jill, I love your ornaments.

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  5. I love vintage ornaments too! Come look at my cigar box silhouettes with some!

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  6. These are lovely Jill! The colors rock!! 💕😃 Not sure I have a favorite ornament yet…Philippe and I really added a ton of new ones last year and it was so fun I love them all! I’m sure we’ll have one that rises to the top in the coming years though. 😊😉

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