A Snow Bird?

I wrote this poem in December 2007 for my Christmas letter:


Oh, bird of snow, where do you go

into the clouds so high?

Do you touch the angels wings

and help the snowflakes fly?

Do you land on boughs of fir

in landscapes of pure white?

And do you ever sing a song

that brings our ears delight?

And now on a more humorous note…


 “Somehow Clara understood, this was NOT what it means to be a snow bird!”

I wish I could “fly” south for the winter!  Four seasons are for the birds!

Hope this gives you a smile today!  😄

18 responses to “A Snow Bird?

  1. Love your poem, Jill! The birdie doesn’t look too happy about winter either lol! Have a great Sunday 💛

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  2. Adorable snow bird. Life it. Beautiful poem too.

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  3. Ahaha, as I am here in the land of snowbirds!

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  4. Haha! That bird is not having it when it comes to winter!! Love it! And loved your poem as well!! 💕😃

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  5. Clara looks so sad, maybe you need to mail her south, and then have her mailed back in the spring! I love your clever poems and art surprises Jill! Have a happy Sunday.

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  6. Another Christmas card?

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  7. Love love the poem. I know some snowbirds but they aren’t as cute as yours!☺️

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