Sugar Cookies

I completed this doodle recently using a stencil:

Star Doodle

It reminded me of the cut-out sugar cookies I used to make with my mom when I was a child.  It seems like yesterday…

sugar cookie cutouts

We rolled out the sweet, chilled dough onto a floured cutting board.  Then selected the shapes:  a star, bell, tree, camel or angel.  Of course, we would have to sneak a taste of the raw dough!

After cutting the dough into shapes, we carefully laid them onto the cookie sheet.  We added colored sprinkles in green and red before popping the pan into the oven and setting the timer on the stove.

When the buzzer rang, we would excitedly remove the warm cookies from the oven and transfer them to a rack so they would cool.

The baked cookies melted in your mouth!  And they were perfect with a glass of milk…

Do you remember baking holiday cookies with your mom or grandma?  I’d love to hear about it!

Happy Baking!  🙂

24 responses to “Sugar Cookies

  1. Those are wonderful cookie cutters! And the doodle star definitely contains plenty of sugar. (K)

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  2. Love those old-fashioned cutters and your artwork Jill! 💛

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  3. Love those cookie cutters. We are in the same state of mind today. 😉

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  4. Catherine Johnson

    Great artwork and cutters, Jill. My two aren’t bothered about cookies. I want to try chocolate bark or something instead.

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  5. Awesome star cookie Jill! 💕😃 My mom made cookies, but all I remember are Snickerdoodles, which were my favorite. 😊Those weren’t just for Christmas luckily! Hehe

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  6. Jill, we had the same cookie cutters at our house, haha! Love your star design, I can tell you enjoyed drawing every line.

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  7. Your star is gorgeous! I have those very cookie cutters! I still make them. Some I grew up with. Love sugar cookies. Have some in the freezer right now😵😊

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  8. My sister and I were the official sugar cookie makers each year. We had so much fun. I love that memory.

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