“Every Time A Bell Rings…

An angel gets his wings,” says Zuzu Bailey in the movie, It’s A Wonderful Life.

This classic movie starring James Stewart and Donna Reed is one of my favorite holiday movies.  So I created this doodle today in remembrance:

Bell Doodle

I used a bell cookie cutter shape (see yesterday’s post) for my stencil:

Christmas Cookie Bell

I think what I like most about this movie is the message.  Sometimes I don’t feel like I make much of a difference in other people’s lives but the movie reminds me that it is the little things that I do that can have a big impact on other’s lives.  A smile to a stranger, mailing a card to a friend who is sick or perhaps buying a bag of groceries for someone who is hungry.

It isn’t the big expensive gifts that people remember but kindness shown by a stranger.

Cheers Friends!  🙂

23 responses to ““Every Time A Bell Rings…

  1. Great doodle, lovely words…your joy is contagious and you are always inspiring…it all makes a difference. /hugs.

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  2. So true and YOU do make a difference ! Cherish the moments

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  3. Kindness, yes. Something we all have available to give! (K)

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  4. Another wonderful doodle with sweet writings! lovely, xo Johanna

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  5. Right on Jill, kind gestures keeps us sane. Your cookie cutter art is delightful. Your email yesterday, made a very big impact on me, you are making a difference!!

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  6. Love your bell, Jill! It is wonderful!! And love your words! Little things DO make a difference! 💕😃That is a great movie, though I honestly don’t think I’ve caught it to watch it all the way through in one sitting! 😊(Though I did play George Bailey’s brother in the musical stage version! Lol…that was my last professional show before I stopped acting…the musical version wasn’t the same sadly. Hehe)

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  7. That film is a tradition in our house every year and has so much impact when you think about it. Love your artwork and this post, Jill. 😘😊

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  8. Well said! It is the little things we do that add up and count! Love your bell. ;0

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  9. Catherine Johnson

    Lovely sentiment, Jill and great zentangle.

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  10. What a lovely idea I think it would make a good design for a Christmas card and coloured in red and green.

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