A Gift of the Heart

I have a friend who has a really BIG heart!  She donates her time to help kids in need by being an ELF!  Her name is Elf Smiley and she works all year to help kids have ONE magical day with Santa each year.

If I was to doodle Elf Smiley’s heart, it would look something like this – with lots and LOTS of glitter of course:

Heart Zentangle

The mission of Fantasy Flight is to provide 60 impoverished and at-risk children from the Spokane area – a special day with Santa, Mrs. Claus, the reindeer and his crazy elves!  🙂

It takes 100’s of volunteers and Alaska Airlines to make a special day each year for these children who have lost their sense of wonder and have a dim glow of hope.  If you’d like to see photos about Fantasy Flight, check out this link:  http://www.nwnorthpole.org/Photos.aspx

I was thinking my three doodles would look great together as a series:

3 doodles together

What do you think?  I’d love to hear from you!

Have a magical day!  🙂

18 responses to “A Gift of the Heart

  1. What a wonderful elf. There are so many special people doing things that matter so much like this and it makes our hearts soar and sparkle and zen tangle! Gorgeous art Jill.

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  2. This would make a great set of holiday cards. And wonderful friend you have. (K)

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  3. What Kerfe said! Really lovely, Jill!! And hugs to you and your friend!

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  4. Good morning Jill, your heart is spreading the love today! Thank you for sharing about your good friend and the link to Fantasy Flight.
    You are developing a Beautiful collection of designs. ❤️☕️ Cheers

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  5. They are all beautiful and would look really nice framed and beside each other on a wall. Great story too! Thanks for sharing, Jill!!! 🌟❤️

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  6. I love your doodles! Together they are even more beautiful. I’m working on one that is taking forever. Should have started with something smaller and maybe not tried to incorporate colours. Live and learn. 😄

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    • Thank you Lin! Each doodle is on a 4 inch square. Sometimes I prefer going bigger as its easier on the eyes but it does take more time. Look forward to seeing what you create! :-)))


  7. Ahhhh thanks so much! Evan my tears have sparkle in them! What a beautiful set of drawings!! I would be so honored to have a copy and yes they would make great Christmas cards! Merry Christmas everyone! 😍

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  8. Jill sounds like an extra special friend. These sketches would make wonderful xmas cards by the way.

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