Alice’s Tree

I really enjoy the spontaneity of creating and the memories that come with art making.

Since I have been using cookie cutters as stencils for my art this week, I decided on a tree shape today:

Tree cookie cutter

But after three days of black and white doodles, I needed COLOR!

So I added a tint of color with Copic markers over my doodle:

Tree doodle with markers

The patterns and wonkiness reminded me of Alice in Wonderland!  LOL!

This got me thinking about a friend of mine, Alice who used to decorate her Christmas tree with hand-blown glass ornaments that her nephew made – kind of like this one:

Hand blown ornament

I have this one hanging in my bathroom in front of a window.  (Please ignore the dust…)

I always thought my friend’s tree looked so magical with large one-of-a- kind ornaments hanging from its limbs and the light reflecting off the glass.  A little like the colors of my tree with color pencils added:

Tree Doodle complete

I miss my dear friend, Alice who passed away many years ago.  Yet, when I look at my glass ornament, I am reminded of our friendship and her colorful tree!

May the memories of your loved ones spark happiness in your heart today!

Cheers!  🙂

PS.  How do you like my new signature “JKK” on my artwork?

25 responses to “Alice’s Tree

  1. I was thinking those doodles would make a great coloring book.
    And it’s good to have reminders of those we miss, especially ones that make us smile.
    I had to laugh at your signature…my daughters and my sister-in-law and I were trying to come up with a logo to combine our first name initials–I actually forget why–just add a “C” and you have it. This is a graphic solution I never considered; I like the combined slant on the Ks. (K)

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  2. What a lovely story. Wouldn’t it be nice to know a glass blower? I just love blown glass. Your zentangles are all beautiful.

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  3. This is gorgeous!! Love the color Jill!! Hehe…❤️😃 And what a wonderful story…such a lovely memory to have of your friend. The new sig looks great! I really like how it looks like the design of it. 👍🏻😃

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  4. Joyful! Thank you for sharing your story Jill. Your post gave me a big smile today! Xxoo

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  5. Catherine Johnson

    Beautiful tree, Jill. I should put my glass ornament in the bathroom 😃👍

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  6. Gorgeousness – and filled me with warmth and love. Love your JKK 🙂

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  7. So creative to use a cookie cutter for your shape! Love your tree. It’s magical.

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  8. Love your little tree. The design made me think of that Beatle’s record cover- was it Sargent Pepper? The colors are beautiful, so soft.

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  9. Very creative Jill and I love the soft pastel colours, looks as though it should be I fairy land

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