Soft Blanket of Snow

I took this photo outside last night.  I thought the snow was so pretty falling on this tree that we have decorated with lights:

snow tree in yard

Soft blanket of snow

Covered the trees like a quilt

Cool comfort tonight.

Cheers!  🙂

31 responses to “Soft Blanket of Snow

  1. Beautiful. We had our first little bit of snow last night. 🎄

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  2. Magical photo. No snow for us this Christmas I think. (K)

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    • Glad you like my photo, Kerfe! We didn’t have any snow last year and very little in the mountains which made everything so dry. So I’m grateful for the snow this year although I still don’t like driving in it. 😜❄️🎄

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  3. There really is something magical about that. 🙂

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  4. We’ve had no snow yet but I can’t say I miss it! Photos like this make me wonder though. So beautiful and love your haiku too, Jill!

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  5. Most stunning photography, Jill!

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  6. I love you Jill. You bless us all with your talent


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  7. Oh my, so calm and peaceful. A beautiful scene you’ve photographed. Thanks for sharing Jill.

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    • It was one of those moments when I just had to take a photo. I wasn’t sure if I could photograph it but I got a happy surprise when the camera flash made the snow flakes show up! ☃❄️🎄 Enjoy your day, Sharon! 😃

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  8. white Christmas perhaps! lovely 🙂

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  9. Awesome!!! What a great shot!! 💕😃 And I can say that will all sincerity even though I’m insanely jealous of the snow!! 😊Lol

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  10. Gorgeous! No snow here this year.

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  11. Well, it has only taken me a year to discover your blog!!! Love it!! And I really love that you’re doing it – such dedication, wonderful! I love the snow covered tree – I won’t be seeing any snow here but this morning my workshop window had condensation on it because it was so chilly here in FL!! Such a cold wimp I have become! Now I have your blog to check in with for 2016!!

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    • Hi Karen! So happy you like my blog! 😊 Are you doing a blog? I have truly enjoyed being in Carla’s classes with you. 💜🌈🎨 I don’t like the cold much but I do like nature. Hehe! 😜 Look forward to taking more online art classes with you in 2016! Cheers! 🎉


  12. Oh, you´re so lucky you have snow!!! Here: nothing. Only muddy weather. Maybe after Christmas… Love your picture, it´s beautiful. I can hear the silence! ☃️❄️😉

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    • Hi Ann! We didn’t have any snow last year so it is wonderful to see it this year. I hope to get to the mountains to do a little cross-country skiing this year. ☃❄️💙 I hope you get some snow soon! 😊

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  13. Beautiful shot Jill and a delightful haiku to go with it

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