Four Seasons of Color

I hope you enjoy seeing my glorious Crabapple tree as each season unfolds into a new one like color blends on an artist’s palette.

Bountiful Spring blossoms in raspberry pink:

Spring Crabapple tree

Dark red fruit form against olive green leaves in Summer:

summer crabapple tree limb

Fall bursts with color in gold leaves and bright red fruit:

upclose fall crabapple tree

Winter’s crimson berries provide a feast for the birds:

snowy crabapple tree

Each season is a reason to celebrate!

Cheers!  🙂

23 responses to “Four Seasons of Color

  1. Beautiful, every season! (K)

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  2. Wonderful post, Jill! Every season has its riches.

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  3. Seasonal mix, very nice!

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  4. Wonderful transition Jill, thanks for posting. Nature is the very best entertainment! 😍☕️ Happy day ahead!

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  5. There is so much beauty in nature. Thank you for sharing.

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  6. This is gorgeous! I have always wanted a pink Crabapple tree. I think they are beautiful.

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  7. This was super fun to see! What an awesome tree! 😃😃

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  8. Awesome love the winter one. I use to seek into my neighbours yard and steal the crabapples……until we got caught one day, BIG trouble from my mum and my stealing days were over at the age of seven.

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  9. Haha! That’s hilarious Kath! 😃 I was outside today taking more photos of this tree. The sun was shining and snow was hanging on the berries and branches. It’s cold but beautiful! 💖💕


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