Silver Shells

Do you need a last minute gift idea?

I was recently inspired by my blogger friend, Magny Tjelta’s post on making flowers for decorating gift wrapped presents.  Be sure to check out her video on her blog:

This got me swirling my watercolor paints around and look what appeared:

sea shells

Yep!  Seashells!  🙂

This gave me an idea to create a garland of shells for a Christmas gift for a good friend of mine.

After I painted my “imaginary” shells on 140 lb hot press paper, I cut them out and added white gel pen accents and glitter!  (I was so excited to find 30 different colors of fine glitter on sale at Michaels!  I also found a glue pen to apply the glitter.  So fun!)

shells with glitter

Here is a close-up of the starfish – it looks a little like a cut-out sugar cookie, doesn’t it?  🙂


Next, I made these little tabs out of leftover watercolor paper.  I folded the paper in half, punching a hole in one half and gluing the other half to the back of the shell:

tabs on back

I strung some glittery, silver wired ribbon through the holes on the back of the shells.  It helped to tape the ends of the ribbon so I could fit them easier through the holes.

shell garland

I was surprised to have an 8 foot garland with 22 different shells!

So I put them in a box – don’t they look like candy?

shell garland in box

And wrapped them up for my friend!

She opened them today and loves them.  YAY!

Happy Gift Making!  🙂

26 responses to “Silver Shells

  1. Great idea and a sweet personal gift! Happy Holidays, Johanna!

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  2. Oh Jillllllll! What an amAAAAAzing gift of the HeART like now other! I adore it. You are so special! Merry Christmas sweet friend!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. The sparkles on the shells are perfect…great gift. (K)

    Liked by 1 person

  4. So clever. Bet your friend will keep it hanging up for a long time. N.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. What a special gift that would be!

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  6. Creative and fun and beautiful! 💛💛💛

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  7. That’s such a cool idea!! Love it a lot!

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  8. Oh my, a beautiful gift to treasure. Jill, your imagination is endless! Thank you for always sharing your imaginative ideas! ❤️😄☕️ Cheers!

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    • Thank you Sharon, my friend! I had so much fun making these! 😄 Now I want to make one for my fireplace mantle. I was thinking maybe a Christmas theme. Or maybe something I can leave up all year. Hmmm, so many ideas. Lol! 🎄☃🎁💕


  9. What a great gift! Plus you had the fun of creating it.

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  10. Wonderful gift! Yes they look like candy. 🍭 so sweet

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  11. Wow this is so beautiful! What a great idea!

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  12. Wow Jill, this is amazing. I`m so glad that my ideas inspired you to do something so wonderful. And I`m pleased as punch that you posted the link to my blog.
    Creativity is like a virus and I will surely be further inspired by you and make some super presents for my friends and family next year.

    Thank you Magny 🙂

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  13. I’m glad you like it, Magny! 😃


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