Mr. Red Head

I haven’t drawn or painted a bird in awhile.  So when I saw a photo of a Red-bellied Woodpecker on Kathy’s blog:

I decided to give it a try!  I started with a quick pencil sketch in my art journal:

sketch in pencil

I tried to pay attention to the negative space around my bird so I could get the angles drawn correctly.

Next, I made a copy of my bird onto tissue paper so I could transfer it to watercolor paper.  I painted a light base in watercolor:

Watercolor base

I added details with Prismacolor pencils and a white gel pen to complete it:


I learned online that a Red-bellied Woodpecker was named for the unique pinkish tinge on the belly, common to both genders.

I hope you check out Kathy’s blog!  She takes AMAZING bird photos!  And I like her sense of humor too.

Happy Bird Watching!  🙂

19 responses to “Mr. Red Head

  1. Wow! You did an amazing job! I can’t tell you how much it makes me smile when someone paints or draws one of my birds. It’s like I get doubly blessed. 🙂

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  2. Nice job with a difficult subject, Jill! It’s nice to see your bird work again. 💜

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  3. So nice!!! Love the combination of watercolour and coloured pencil!!! ❤️

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  4. Great job Jilly! Love these little cuties and you did them proud! 🙂

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  5. Beautifully drawn Jill. Watercolor and colored pencil is a very nice effect!

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  6. He is gorgeous! I love the combination of medias.

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  7. Awww!! This is fantastic!! Love the red head! It’s really beautiful Jill!! ❤️😃😃🎨

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