Warm and Cool

Sometimes it is fun to experiment in colors that are not my typical choices.  I noticed that the colors I used to create my Red-bellied Woodpecker yesterday were both warm and cool:

colored pencils for red-bellied woodpecker

So I decided to use similar colors when painting papers with acrylics for later in collage.

Here are some of my painting results:

color play 1

color play 2

color play 3

color play 4

I like how they turned out, how about you?

I challenge you to create in colors that aren’t your “go to” colors.  The results may surprise you!

Happy Painting!  🙂

22 responses to “Warm and Cool

  1. Catherine Johnson

    Warm and cool looks great around here. They are awesome!

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  2. fun and beautiful abstracts! love them!

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  3. These are beautiful!! Love these combos of color Jill! And I really like the composition on the second one with the large pop of yellow. Very nice! 😃💕

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  4. Nice work, Jill! Love those colors and textures, you really have a great sense!

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    • It was fun to experiment with colors I don’t normally use. Do you have certain colors you tend to use in your paintings, Laura? 🎨😃💖

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      • You know, I’ve never really thought about it, Jill. I guess blues and greens are my go-to colors, but I’m a lot like you. I like all kinds of colors and the more the better! Purple is one of my favorite colors, but it hardly ever winds up in my paintings. Do you have favorite colors that you actually don’t use much in your artwork?

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      • I don’t use much peach which is really just a lighter shade of orange. I guess I tend to gravitate towards the brighter colors. I found that I like Payne’s Gray but I don’t often use it mixed with cream. It makes a lovely shade of gray. 😄

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  5. Jill, your Experiment With Color is magnificent! love the balance. the ratios. the harmony. there is light and dark. complementaries. layers and overlapping. But yet, you stopped. Before it all went Too Far! Perfect 🙂

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  6. Wonderful experimenting Jill. You are thinking out of the art box! 😍🎨

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  7. They’re cool, fun and spectacular. xo


  8. I absolutely love these! One of my fave color combos is the blue and oranges and peaches.

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