Wacky Wednesday

Well, I couldn’t resist a little wacky word play with this word of the day:

wing-ding – noun  1.  a noisy, exciting celebration or party

Wendy Warbler wants to WOW all birds at Wednesday’s wild wing-ding!

Wendy Warbler

Wendy’s wearing a wacky wardrobe while whistling, “Rockin Robin” and whirling wildly.  I wonder will Wendy win?

What worldly words of wisdom would you give Wendy?

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

And HAPPY whistling!  Tweet Tweet!  🙂

24 responses to “Wacky Wednesday

  1. Wendy Dahling…. I love your eyes! Keep on whirlin’!

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  2. I would have more questions for her than answers, lol. She is really beautiful, Jill and I’m wondering what mediums you used. I see your gelli papers (did I spell that right lol?) and maybe colored pencil? Do I see Neocolors in this? I really love it. So so cool!

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  3. I think it’s the purple and yellow that’s really popping it for me and those little orange touches. Really fine stuff!

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    • Oh, you are so kind, Laura! 😍 It was a fun experiment to glue down the gelli prints and then fill in the rest of the bird as I went. Kind of like a puzzle for me. Hehe! Rock on Laura! 💖🎨😍

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      • Woot! 😀 It’s pretty darned cool, Jill. Looks like you spent some time on this, or else maybe the gelli prints are giving it lots of depth but either way it looks really neat. Could this be a character in your book?

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      • I already had the gelli papers made so this didn’t take me very long. Yes, I need to seriously work on that children’s book! 😜 I’m not going to blog every day in 2016. I enjoy it but I find it is hard to get larger projects done. 😍🌟😃

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      • It really is a timesucker. I need to come up with a way to deal with it next year also. I may just schedule posts on the weekend (and prob won’t be daily either) and then I should really trim down the number of blogs I follow too. I mean, hours & hours, it’s crazy. I do enjoy it but need to scale it way back. It’s time-consuming enough even without any posts of my own, honestly. Just keeping up with everyone.

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      • Yes, I don’t keep up with everyone else very well. There are just a few blogs I comment on each day. I need to find more of a balance in my life. 😉

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      • I hear ya, Jill! I hope when you find it, you tell us all how to get it. I’ve been searching for balance for forever, it seems.

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  4. Dance to your hearts desire Wendy! Moving keeps us grooving!
    Lol, Jill, you are so funny and magically creative. 😍

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  5. Hahaha!!! Loving Wacky Wednesday!! Thanks for the smiles Jill! Work it Wendy!! This is great!! 😃😃😃😃❤️

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  6. This is whacky indeed! Love how you put together those words. Made me laugh!

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  7. Wonderful words (and image). (K)

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  8. None. I think she’s got it going on and needs no advice lol

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