Keeping A Daily Sketchbook

One of my art goals for the new year is to keep a daily sketchbook.  I think to keep it interesting, I want to experiment with different art mediums and try different kinds of sketchbooks.

Today, I used my Strathmore 9×12 Visual Journal with Vellum smooth pages:

Strathmore Visual Journal

I decided to try sketching with a dip pen and Black Indian ink:

ink and dip pen

I sketched some spices that I had in my cupboard.  First, I held the dip pen loosely at it’s end and then I used the dropper from the ink bottle:

Day 1 of sketchbook

As you can see, they are a bit wonky in shape.  Yet, I kind of like them like this!

After the ink dried, I used my Neocolor II water soluble crayons and a new Pelikan opaque watercolor set to play with color.

I also made notes on my page.  I think I like the ink dropper sketches the best which surprises me.

I will be posting my sketches on my blog about once a week so you can see my progress.  I am hoping this practice will help improve my drawing skills in time.

I challenge you to start a sketchbook this year!  You could keep a weekly sketch if that is easier to keep up.  It really is loads of fun!  And as you can see from my sketches, they don’t have to be perfect.

Be sure to write the date on your page –

Happy sketching!  🙂

22 responses to “Keeping A Daily Sketchbook

  1. It’s good to draw the things around you. You have started out well too…just trying different ways. (K)

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  2. I like your new journey Jill, it will be fun to see you sketch journal progression. Spice bottles are a great idea.
    I have three journals going, one for lettering and quick ideas, one for watercolor sketches and one I use when I draw with my granddaughter! We do FaceTime drawing on the iPhone. Have Wonderful day. 🌿🌻

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  3. Woot! Will be so interesting to see a comparison in January of 2017, Jill. Bravo! Great start!

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  4. Great start. I am excited for you. I started drawing on a daily basis Christmas 2013. They say it takes 60 days to form a habit. This is a good habit.

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    • What inspired you to start sketching daily Christmas 2013, Carmel? I have always kept some kind of journal – mostly written. I like the concept of combining the two. Thanks for your encouragement. 😃


  5. Yay! It’s wonderful you’ll be trying different media.. I’m stuck on watercolors at the moment.. Have fun!

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  6. Good idea! I may give this a try.

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  7. Verygood new year intention, Jill and lovely start!

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  8. Yay!! Love that you’ve started a daily sketchbook, Jill! And what a cool start! And you know in a fan of wonky…so much character there! 😉💕😃🎨

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