A New Year’s Song

On the 3rd day of New Year’s, my true love gave to me:

3 plump Robins:

2016-1-3 Three plump Robins

2 Doodled ornaments:

And 1 Northern Flicker in a Crab(apple) tree:

16-1-3 N Flicker Male eating berries

I took the bird photos from inside my kitchen window.  Isn’t that male Northern Flicker (Red Shafted) just gorgeous?!

Here is a photo of all 3 doodled ornaments photographed together:

2016-1-3 All 3 doodle ornaments

As you recall, I posted the first one (on your left) on Christmas Day.

We will take down our Christmas tree and ornaments this week.  I couldn’t resist one last song for the holidays!

Happy Singing!

26 responses to “A New Year’s Song

  1. I undecorated this weekend. Felt good. It was time 🙂 That Flicker is GORGEOUS. I’ve never seen one before! The robins sure are plump! 🙂 good for them! And your ornaments are just beautiful! Happy Day Jill! Back to work day for me!

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    • Hi Jodi! We were going to take down our decorations yesterday but after my nap, I wasn’t very motivated. The Flicker is a member of the woodpecker family. He has beautiful orange feathers under his wings. He has been chowing down on the crabapples for several days. 🙂 Hope you are having a great day!

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  2. Beautiful, Jill! Such detail, I don’t know how you do it!! Happy Monday!

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  3. Flickers are amazing, but robins in snow are pretty wonderful too! (K)

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  4. Thanks for sharing your bird images Jill. I’m going to do a little research on the northern Flicker. Also, your fabulous ink ornament drawing are so full of detail. I can tell you enjoyed every moment of those drawings. A very hopeful post today. On to Monday!

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  5. The detail in those ornaments is beautiful. Makes you wonder how the birds survive the cold but they do. Lovely photo. We got our first snow yesterday!

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  6. Lovely ornaments!! And yay to keeping Christmas a few more days!! Hehe! You know I’m all for that! 😉👍🏻 and those photos are great…the song is still in my head! 😊hehe❤️😃

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  7. One of those plump robins was hard to spot. The Flicker is indeed gorgeous! Love the doodled ornaments. Enjoy these last few days of keeping Christmas.

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  8. Love the snow, the bird and adore the artwork Jill.

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    • Hi Kath! 😄 Thank you! We still have LOTS of snow but it has melted some from this picture. The temperature was in the low teens for awhile so the snow stayed on the trees making them so beautiful! ❄️✨❄️ Happy you like my doodled ornaments! xo

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  9. Wow, Jill, love your ornaments, so detailed. It’s really strange, but Robins keep appearing for me, I think they are trying to get into my next story. I was given a mug with a robin on it for Christmas, I am reading The Secret Garden, with the Robin, a prominent character of the story, and now your lovely pics, such beauties too, really fluffy, much bigger than ours in Australia, they really do have that storybook quality about them. Thanks for sharing. Happy 2016.

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    • Hi Delia! So nice to hear from you! 😃 Yes, it does sound like the Robin is trying to get your attention! I did another piece on a Robin that you can find under my category of “Song birds.” I took a song from a child’s story book for that post too that you may like. 😍 I think the Robins in my winter scene are extra puffed up because of the cold. It is quite fun to see them like this! 😃 Happy 2016 to you too! 🎉🎨

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