A Creative Mind

I like to invent, create and make my ideas work!

A Possibility Girl

I created this above artwork inspired by the artist, Danielle Donaldson and her book, “Creative Girl – Mixed Media Techniques For An Artful Life

But I hate to admit it, I’m not very good with social media…

I have learned soooo much from all of you, my blogging friends that I thought I’d ask you some tips about INSTAGRAM!

I know many of you use it!  I just signed up but I could use your tips on how to get started!  😉

Thank you!

Keep inventing ideas in your art!  🙂

33 responses to “A Creative Mind

  1. Such a good book! This is cool, and I like the colors Jill. I promise you know more about Instagram than I do. 💜

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    • Thanks Laura! 😃 Have you completed any of the assignments from her book? I really like her style. So you aren’t on Instagram? 🎨

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      • Nope, I’m finding social media to be a real timesucker. It is fun, but I got off Facebook a few years ago because going gluten free, I just didn’t have time for it anymore and enjoyed being off it. Then I started blogging lol. Which I do like much more, but it’s so addictive. I’d like to cut back, but not sure I’m anything but an “all or nothing” girl. You sticking to your Sunday off thing? Or have you decided? I’m not looking to add any other social media right now, unless I cut back here and add something there, maybe. Too much of a time commitment at this point. I hope you wind up enjoying it though. I hear good things. 💛

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      • I’m trying to keep an open mind about IG. I’d like to learn how to do it. And I am going to try taking Sunday’s off. It means I start my Monday behind but I think it’s good to have a day away. I am going to try it for a month and see how it goes. 😄

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      • I hope you enjoy it. Your plan sounds good! I hope it works out for you. I think for me it’d be a real challenge to only post when I have something I’d really like to share, and keep all my other daily creations to myself. No schedule at all. Not sure if that’s the best thing, but if I could keep to it, I’d like to. I think it would allow more time to create, which is why I ever started blogging to begin with – just to keep me doing it. 🎨💜👍🏼

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      • One of the reasons I blog is to connect with other artists so blogging gives me a way to do this. Plus it does help me create more art. I’m happier when I make the time to create daily. I know I don’t have to post each day but it gives me something to look forward to! 😃

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      • I understand totally. I’m still finding my way, I guess. I prefer structure but I’m starting to learn that art is the opposite and I should just go with the flow! Fly like a birdie. Hehe. We’ll see if that happens. I’m really glad you’re finding a way that works for you!

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  2. What a fun creative girl! Love it.

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  3. Hi Jill, a fun and creative image today. It looks like you were having a party when you drew this 😍🎉👯.
    Are you having trouble loading your images on IG? I can email you instructions if you like.

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  4. Jill, what a fun image. I have just signed up to Instagram also. Not too sure about it. It is the wading through of posts of people I don’t know that stops me from visiting the site. I would rather spend that time creating.

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  5. Catherine Johnson

    How fun I’ll look for you. I would just say use a few key arty hashtags like #artistsofinstagram #art #instaart #instadaily #sketching etc.

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  6. I signed up for instagram, but found the filter’s weren’t as good as others I use, and I don’t need to add in another social group. Check pinterest occasionally for the craft stuff, use facebook for distant family – but handle them lightly, as they are all time synchs!

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  7. I need to find you on Instagram; I like it because I can just like things without commenting and it works for my busy life. 🙂 I need to look for you there!

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  8. This is awesome! Love her!! 💕😃 And yay to Instagram…I reduced my active social media to just WordPress and Instagram…it’s all I can keep up with. 😊Just followed you on IG! 👍🏻😃

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  9. Another good book tip and I love the art!!

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  10. I missed this. I use Instagram almost to the exclusion of everything else. Adding each social site adds more time in commenting but I have found a wonderful community in Instagram but it’s more about the photos and less about words. I am suznok there if you are still doing it. I only wish it was a site I could look at on my computer. I dropped Facebook several years ago but just started a new one to follow DLP’s unplanner to just observe. FB is a huge time sucker and I don’t miss it at all.

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    • Thanks Suz! I use Facebook almost exclusively for my online art classes. I hear lots of positive things about Instagram. I will look you up when I get going at it. 😜 I think it is good to try new things so I will give it a try.

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