Creating = Happiness

I know that I don’t have to create EVERY day or blog about it.  And some days I don’t get it all done like I envisioned.

Yet for me, creating equals happiness!  On those days when I’m too pooped to party so to speak, I create something anyway.  It brings me JOY!  I hope that my creations bring a little happiness into your world too.  🙂

I wanted to show you how I added to my collage from New Year’s:

color pencils added to collage

At first, I thought it was too busy…  Here is a comparison of the two:

But the more I added, the more I liked!  Go figure!  LOL!

I added the extra details with markers and color pencils and softened the background with pan pastels.

I would love to know what you think!

Cheers to creating happiness!  🙂

28 responses to “Creating = Happiness

  1. It’s lovely. Very effective.

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  2. I tend to be a more is more person myself, particularly with collage! (K)

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  3. I definitely think the one with more is the best. It seems “happier” than the first. The added colors help define the glass and give it more substance. See, you should always follow your gut where art is concerned. You have excellent instincts, Jill!

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  4. I like them both! Beautiful colors and so cheerful!!

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  5. I LOVE IT! Kerfe is right on this one – with collage more is wonderfully more wonderful! 🙂

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  6. Lovely! Sometimes the bravery really pays off. 🙂

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  7. Anything you make is fabulous Jill!! So is this! I like what you did! And I agree…some days it’s just about playing and making anything at all! But that’s also when the happy accidents occur when I always love! Hehe 💕😃🎨

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  8. Jill, I think your addition complete the image. I do like them both. The second one has an added depth and color pop.
    Art everyday is the right thing to do!

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  9. I like the addition. I hope you have this in a frame! Very nice indeed.

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  10. Catherine Johnson

    I like both they each offer something different. I guess the second has more joie de vivre. Maybe a Brazilian version.

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  11. Jill, love your posts! They make me smile.

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  12. Love this Jill, the quirky style of the art and use of color is fun and exciting to look at. well done!

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  13. Those are definitely happy colors, Jill! I love that delightful modern art look and feel of them. Keep making and feeling happy! ❤️

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