A Saturday Riddle

Q:  What starts with an A and ends with an M?

2016-1-8 Collaged alphabet A-M

A:  Half a collaged alphabet of course!

Can you guess all the different ways I created my letters?

I will share my answers with you on Monday, January 11th – so stay tuned!

Have an AWESOM(e) day!  hehe!  🙂

21 responses to “A Saturday Riddle

  1. Brilliant!!! Love it Jill! So creative !

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  2. More mixed media magic from Jill! Enjoy your weekend my friend!

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  3. You are a font of ideas! (K)

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  4. How fun, I love alphabets. I have one I made of clay, I’ll email you a picture.
    I can’t wait to see the finished project and details. Have a fun day ahead Jill.

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    • Thanks Sharon! Oh, can’t wait to see the one you made with clay! 😄 This one was like a puzzle for me to try to come up with a different art medium for each letter. Sometimes I used the letter to give me a clue such as “M” for sheet “music”. It is fun to challenge the brain some days. 😜👍🎨 Enjoy your day as well! 💖💕

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  5. Haha… Awesome collage!

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  6. Love this!! And love all the items you used, sheet music, ticket stub, et al! Hehe 💕😃 I don’t think I can begin to guess them all, but the result is awesome! Looks so cool!!

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