Wine And Flowers

I added more color and pattern to this collage I posted on December 21st:

2016-1-11 wine & pear with patterns added

It is kind of fun to see the two side by side:

The first time I took the image on the left, my lighting was bad.  Good lighting really does make a difference!

I recently completed another collage:

2016-1-11 flower collage

I had fun adding patterns with color pencils to the background on this one.

I found this quote on the internet:

They are not long, the days of wine and roses.  Out of a misty dream, our path emerges for awhile, then closes, within a dream.  – Ernest Dowson

Cheers!  🙂


40 responses to “Wine And Flowers

  1. Such a difference the lighting makes! Gorgeous Jill! Love it!

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  2. You are so gifted with arranging colors. 🙂

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  3. What they said! 🎨💜💛💜😊👍🏼 I think I may love the most recent one even more than the first!

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  4. This is gorgeous! All of it!! The lighting makes a huge difference! Hehe…those colors really pop! And loved the quote! 💕😃🎨

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  5. Wowza, as you say! I love the bottles – the colors and shapes. Very nice to see this today ~ happy colors and I agree, the lighting affects how our artwork is photographed. I prefer natural daylight for photographing my work as much as possible on my blog, too.

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  6. The colors are fantastic. I really love seeing your collage. The wine bottles just pop, However, I also like the flowers. These would be beautiful framed!

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  7. I like your added color, this particular image reminds me of Paul Cezanne. Bravo Jill!

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  8. Keep going with this type of art, love your style. The image and use of color is fabulous

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  9. I greatly admire the details you put in your work because I’m too impatient for details myself! Lighting does make a difference.😁

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  10. Wow Jill you should frame it and sell it its stunning.

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  11. Catherine Johnson


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  12. Jill, wow! I love that featured image with turquoise flowers! excellent! great job 🙂 love the design, placement, colors, patterns, and areas of calm 🙂

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  13. These are incredible pieces. I loved seeing how the one developed over time. Thanks for all your sharing. It’s very encouraging.

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  14. These pieces really are beautiful. Are you going frame them?

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    • Thanks Carol! 😍 I’d like to frame them but I’m hoping to see if I can create a body of work with this style and then maybe do a local show. I have lots to learn! 😉🎉👍


  15. I just love every time you do bottles.

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