Very Viridian

I was needing a little “Spring” in my step yesterday so I purchased a new color of watercolor that I didn’t have – Viridian from Winsor and Newton.

According to Wikipedia, the name “viridian” comes from the Latin word viridis which means “green!”  It is a deep blue-green color with a hue toward green.

I enjoyed playing with my new watercolor by splashing some paint around on 140 lb hot press paper:

2016-1-13 Viridian watercolor

I layered crumbled deli paper on top to give it this texture.

After this layer dried, I added some Opera Rose pink and Prussian blue on top:

2016-1-13 Viridian plus pink & blue

I’m really loving the texture of the deli paper.  It gives a little different texture than plastic wrap.

So I had to try it again – this time with several colors:

2016-1-13 color play with texture from deli paper

I love the earthy organic texture on this one.

I also tried one with salt on top of the wet watercolor:

2016-1-13 watercolor play with salt

I’m hoping to use these watercolor experiments as papers in my collages.

Happy Creating!  🙂

24 responses to “Very Viridian

  1. beautiful colors!! Glad to see you back at it 🙂 what is deli paper? Saran? browncraft?

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    • Thanks Jodi! Deli paper is similar to wax paper but it doesn’t feel as waxy to me. I purchased it from Amazon so I don’t think I will ever run out! Hehe! 😜 I like make prints on it with my gelli plate too. 👍🎨😄 If you’d like, I can mail you a couple of sheets to play with in your watercolors. 💜

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      • You are soo stinkin’ sweet Jill! You needn’t do that – but so so kind to offer! Maybe it is like parchment paper. I’ve also heard of people using saran wrap crinkled up. Many things to try. I’ve been playing with watercolor every day – much experimenting and goofing around. ❤

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      • Yes, Saran Wrap is fun to try too and gives similar texture. Glad to hear you are splashing the paint around and having fun! 😄


  2. The joy that colors can bring us!!! Viridian is wonderful and indeed with all that grey weather, anything that brings color!!! xo Johanna

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    • So nice to have you stop by today, Johanna! 😍 Yes, lots of grey weather here too! Amazing how color can brighten a person’s mood. This is probably why I like to wear a lot of orange and red. ❤️🎨🌈 Wishing you a happy day! xo


  3. Playing with color sure brightens a January day!

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  4. I’m in love with the opera rose and viridian abstract!! That turned out wonderfully! The composition is excellent…really nice work Jill!! ❤️🎨😎

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  5. Wonderful experimentation, I like all of the images. Great idea for collage paper Jill. Have a happy day!

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  6. Play on colors is nice. I know I will see this in again in one of your collages. Your mixed media work is inspiring!

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  7. Catherine Johnson

    Love your creative experiments, Jill.

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  8. Great title and I love your experimentation with the new green paint!

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  9. Very pretty! I just started using Liquitex Deep Magenta and am loving it in acrylics. I used to use Viridian

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  10. Didn’t finish my sentence lol. When I oil painted I used Viridian quite a bit.

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