Switching Gears

After my color experiments yesterday, I decided to try the deli paper texture with acrylic paints.  The results take my breath away!

Here are just a couple I did:

I like how the acrylic paints adhere to the deli paper so I can use them in my collages too!

crumbled deli paper with acrylic paint

I then remembered a couple people mention the Spirograph in my blog post last Sunday so I dug out my set – it is from 1967.  It still looks in pretty good shape, wouldn’t you agree?

I decided to switch gears and give it a try once more!  But I had difficulty getting the outside circle to move properly.  So I did the next best thing – I covered it with paint!

spirograph pattern under paint 1-14-2016

I then got the idea to try printing with the circles – they look a little like gears, don’t you think?

I finished by adding more paint and texture with the deli paper.

I bet you didn’t expect me to do this, huh?  I challenge you to think outside the box too!

Happy Creating!  🙂

34 responses to “Switching Gears

  1. I had a spirograph too, ages ago… now I see the picture I remember it. And here you go, creating art with it after so many years. Great idea!

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  2. Wow! Amazing bright cheerful colors! Your Spirograph looks brand new. I can’t believe you still have it. I used to have so much fun with that. Thanks for brightening the day.

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  3. Catherine Johnson

    I love the circles! My daughter got a spirograph for Christmas. I should borrow it.

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  4. Circles are always good! (K)

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  5. Love it! Pretty sure my box cover was the same one. 🙂

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  6. I used to love that thing so much! How cool that you still have yours! I like every single one of these images, Jill but the top one for me is a stunner! Love that and I love the circles going on at the bottom. They are too cool for school. Have a great weekend!

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  7. Ooo and ahh, your colors and texture lines are fantastic, Jill. What a joyful process. I’ll be very interested in how you use your new papers. 💕☕️

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  8. Fun fun fun, I like that you experiment and play with paint.

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  9. Oh, I love all of these. That Spriograph gadget is neat. I have used small lids to do circles in the past. Looking forward to seeing what you do with these pieces!

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  10. Watching you do art makes me feel the joy of being a child again! I think the Spirograph experiment turned out wonderfully! And your set is like new. Hubby’s set looks a bit worse for wear. 😉

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  11. You’re amazing!! And love seeing your Spirograph from the 60’s…I can’t believe how good of shape it’s in!! You took good care of your toys! Hehe And your images are wonderful! I love the way your mind works Jill… Those do look like gears and everything is imaginative and amazing!! 💕💕❤️🎨

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  12. I loved Spirograph when I was a kid, draped with it endlessly and made space landscapes with it. The ‘going around the outer circle’ is indeed the hardest but the trick is: not too much pressure and relax your body;0) xo Johanna

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  13. These are so fun! I use wax and parchment and the inside wrapper of cereal boxes but I have never seen deli paper here. All fun and react differently. I never had a Spirograph but always wanted one.

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    • I did have fun, thanks Suz! I had to order the deli paper from Amazon. I researched to see what others had used and ordered Kabnet Wax brand. I don’t think I will ever run out! Lol! 😜 I found out about printing on deli paper from a book on “Gelli Printing,” by Suzanne McNeill. I think that deli paper isn’t as waxy as Wax paper. Anyway, I love using it in my collages because of its transparentcy. 😍🎨👍

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  15. The spirograph is a real blast from the past …. pity they don’t repeat it! Like the out of this world look of the bag….

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