A Dancing Tree

One of the things I enjoy about blogging is the wonderful friends I make!  One such friend is Sharon Mann!  She inspires me with her amazing talent and her beautiful artwork.  Be sure to check out her blog, if you haven’t done so at:  https://mondaytuesdaywednesday.wordpress.com/

Sharon’s pattern play inspired me to start this doodle – a dancing tree:

2016-1-19 A Tree Wrap

Sharon recently posted her own pattern “vocabulary” that she used for her beautiful black and white bird.   This started me thinking about what patterns I often use in my doodles.

I previously posted this “wrap” design on a tree last July, that you can find here and here.

I believe that Nature gave me the idea for my wrap pattern from this Oak tree.  Below is a recent photo of it last Spring:

2015 Spring oak tree in bloom

One day we came home from the lake about 10 years ago and this tree was bent over from a terrible wind storm.  We were heart broken.  We didn’t want to loose it so we applied some tree ointment and wrapped it in special tape from the Nursery.  Amazingly, this tree not only survived but is thriving!

What inspires you to create the patterns in your artwork?  I’d love to know!

Happy Creating!  🙂

30 responses to “A Dancing Tree

  1. I think everything we see seeps into what comes out of us. Great story about the tree too. No wonder it’s dancing! (K)

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  2. Yay for saving the tree! And hope you are dancing like you dancing tree today!

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  3. I love this tree, it’s wonderful Jill! So glad you were able to save it. 💜

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  4. Hi Jill , thanks for the shout out about my blog. I love the dancing tree. Drawing patterns is of great interest to me. It probably come from my textile days.

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  5. Fabulous tree pattern! And so cool you were able to save that tree. It’s beautiful!! 💕😃

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  6. anniedrawsthings

    Really neat pattern, it reminds me of a Dr. Seuss illustration. Very whimsical! 🙂

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  7. Definitely a great group of inspiring people in the wordpress community. Wonderful Jill!

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  8. That is the coolest doodle! Love how the lines define the shape and movement so well! ❤

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  9. Thanks for posting Sharon’s web address. I’m following her now as well.

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  10. Everything inspires me. Every pattern, people, you. I just look at blank paper and feel inspired. Funny how your trees look different in each drawing because of different things around them. I like them.

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  11. Are you feeling okay now?

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  12. Jill I love that tree. I am more inspired by colours in the birds and animals I see. I love to capture eyes mostly, don’t know why. Guess thats what makes us so unique in our art.


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