Bare Branches

snow nests in branches

Bare branches bitter-cold

Winter’s blue crystals it does hold,

Against a sky so brilliantly bold!

Sometimes it is difficult for me to find beauty in winter.  On this particular cold day with temperatures in the teens, the snow clung to the branches and reminded me of bird nests.

May you discover hidden beauty in your world!


14 responses to “Bare Branches

  1. Truly beautiful. I can see you making a collage or art from this inspiration.

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  2. Ah, what a perfect scene of nature. You found your beauty today. I’m going to do some urban sketching in the Bellagio Hotel garden this morning. I’ll surely find some extraordinary beauty there, today. Have a great day Jill.

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  3. Love it when the snows nests appear! Particularly when the sky is a deep blue like this. It’s sooo lovely!! 😍

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  4. Jill I think in winter you can find many treasures love the pic, its magical. have a wonderful day.

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