Have A Seat!

I’m happy to say that I have FINALLY made a decision!  YAY!

The bookmark that I am going to submit to Uppercase is….

completed wine and cheese

Yep, the wine and cheese!  🙂  I softened the background colors and decided I like this one best as it represents the art I enjoy making!  Lots of color and patterns!

I’d like to thank ALL of you who so graciously shared your ideas with me!  As a way to show my gratitude, I’ve decided to give away my chair bookmarker below:

better chair photo

So if you’d like to WIN this original bookmarker – please make a comment below.  I will make the drawing this Friday, January 29th at 6 pm PST and will post the winner on Saturday, January 30th on my blog.

Cheers to you, my friends!  🙂


30 responses to “Have A Seat!

  1. I LOVVEEE your choice! Good Luck! And I’d love to win the chair bookmark! 🙂 ❤

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  2. It looks fabulous! I love how you put a line of perspective in there that makes it even more interesting.
    And of course…I would love to win that other bookmarker, Jill. Keeping my fingers crossed for you and for me ;o) xo Johanna

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  3. I like the top one with the changes, good luck! I’d love the second too! I hope you win! :)))) 💛

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  4. Good luck. I think it’s s winner!

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  5. Jill, you have made the right choice. I love the color, pattern and happiness of this bookmark. Your bookmark is certainly a winner. Thanks for including us in your process of preparing for the contest. We artists are always happy to help! 💕🎨👯

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  6. Good luck…I like your choice of colors. Fun project!

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  7. Excellent choice! Let’s drink some more to celebrate! *hic* LOL!!

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  8. Yay!!! To wine and cheese! Hehe…looks great Jill!! ❤️😃I feel like I already won, but I want in the drawing too!! 😉🎉

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  9. I agree, the wine and cheese is the most “you”. Good luck Jill!❤️🍷❤️

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  10. Good luck, Jill. The you chose the one which was my favorite. And the one with the chairs is great too.

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  11. I liked your wine bookmark the best as well. All that colour and pattern really is you. Good choice.

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  12. How fun. It looks awesome!

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  13. GOOD LUCK!!! 🍀🐷 Love your bookmarks!

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  14. Jill love the wine bottle bookmark its gorgeous, I love using colourful bookmarks like these.

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