Yesterday, I posted my art journal with a few journal prompts using numbers and today I wanted to show you my completed version:


I was surprised to learn that the game, Yahtzee was promoted by the same person who made a fortune selling the game of BINGO!  😉

Here is a before and after photo so you can see the two journal entries side-by-side:

I have a favorite book that teaches me about toy and game inventors.  It brings back so many wonderful memories of my childhood – much like Charlie’s Doodlewashes  have done this month!


This book by Tim Walsh is really a fun!  I know most of this information is on the internet now but I still like reading REAL books…

Speaking about the roll of the dice in Yahtzee, tonight I drew the winner of the chair bookmark from Thursday’s post:


And Kathrin from Kathrin’s World  is the Winner!  YAY Kathrin!  🙂  Be sure to check out Kathrin’s blog if you haven’t already – she likes humor like me!  hehe!  🙂

Please message me your address on Facebook, Kathrin and I will put your bookmarker in the mail to you! 

Happy Saturday Friends!  And I hope the dice is rolling in your favor!  🙂

21 responses to “Yahtzee!

  1. Oh wow, Jill – I never win anything. I am happy to win this beautiful bookmark which will remind me of you when reading. Awesome journal page, I like this prompts a lot
    Thank you also for mentioning my blog.

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  2. My daughter and her friend had an adventure with play-doh that caused the friend’s mother and I to ban it forever…like Charlie’s series, that photo brings up a lot of memories.
    And “Yahtzee”! Haven’t played it for years.
    I’m especially fond of your hats. (K)

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  3. It’s cool what this turned into! Lovely creativeness!

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  4. This turned out great, Jill!! 💕😃I love what you did with your prompts. The animals are my favorite (of course! Hehe😊) Congrats to Kathrin!! Yay! And that book!!! I want it!! So cool!! Only two more days of little things to go for me now though. 😉hehe

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  5. Oh Jilly – You are one amazingly creative chickadee! Love what you turned your page into! You inspire me EVERY single day. Thank you for that! And Congrats to lucky Kathrin!

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  6. I love how you turned the shapes into fun images Jill! Your imagination is always full of surprises! Thanks for posting all the fun facts!

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  7. What a fun page. I really like your sense of creativity!

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  8. I’m trying to stay off blogs over the weekend but I had to stop by and tell you I LOVE the way you completed those prompts! ❤

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  9. Love your journal page! So much is going on and there are so many bright colors that it makes my eyes happy! Your book looks quite interesting too and I agree, real books are better!

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  10. Such interesting stuff on your blog! Love the art. I got my grandson and his two step brothers Yahtzee this year for Christmas. We played it all our life. It truly is a timeless game.

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  11. I agree! It is a really timeless game! I had fun learning more about it. 😃 Glad you enjoyed my post. 💖💕🎨


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