A Mixed Media Experiment

I remember when I was a young girl, I tried to make soap.  It didn’t exactly turn out but it was so fun to explore the possibilities!  😉

Now I enjoy experimenting with different art materials – even if it doesn’t turn out exactly as planned.

I like painting my own papers for collage yet I wanted to try different materials.  For this yellow fellow below, I glued scraps of my Gelli-printed papers to a 9×12 inch sheet of 90 lb hot press paper.  I added yellow marker and color pencils.  It was very meditative to do while watching TV.  I am going to try scanning it and make copies from it.

yellow pattern play

For “In the Loop,” below – I used Canson 9×12 inch gray toned pastel paper.  I drew the loops with a white gel pen and added color and patterns with Prismacolor pencils.  I got out an orange crayon and created a resist with a mint green Tombow marker.  So fun!

white gel pen, color pencils and crayon resist

I can’t wait to add these two experiments to my collages!

Happy Experimenting!  🙂

36 responses to “A Mixed Media Experiment

  1. what Happiness these bring Jill! love their colors and designs and Spirit of fun, experimentation! cheers, Debi

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  2. Delightful, I would love to wear summer dresses with this pattern on the fabric!!! xo Johanna

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  3. These are beautiful! I love especially the sunny yellows. (K)

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  4. I love both of these, and especially the yellow. I like how all the objects look wrapped, but not trapped, but safe and happy. How did you do that!

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  5. I especially like the colors and shapes of “In The Loop” – and I am missing my mediative art sessions. We had company yesterday and I did a lot of cooking and cleaning these past few days. You inspire me to get arting!

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  6. such joyful pieces – and they kinda look like decorative soaps – hahaha! (power of suggestion maybe 🙂 ) I especially love the second one.

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  7. Like the combination of ideas you come up with Jill, – I’ve saved a number of shop brochures with stiff paper and have been thinking about possibilities for using them….

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  8. Hi Jill – These two collage sheets will make some interesting additions to your next collage. I’ll be anxious to see what you come up with. I like the techniques you used for both. Happy day!

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  9. These are cool, Jill! I really like them both, can’t even pick a favorite! More inspirational wonderment from Jill! ❤

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  10. These are great; just so much fun. They make me want to grab a pen and doodle!

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  11. Those are so pretty and would make wonderful fabrics (did we have a conversation about Spoonflower yet?)! I am especially enamored with “Yellow Fellow”! ❤

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  12. Awesome patterns!! Love these Jill! I particularly like the loops! Hehe…not sure why, but that one just speaks to me! 😊❤️💕🎨

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  13. These look fantastic, partial to the green one, has a nice happy abstract feel to it. Great additions to any collage you plan on doing.

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  14. Always experimenting. So fun, the things you do.


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