A Garden Fairy

As I continued working on my collage that I started two days ago, a sweet garden fairy has started to flutter to life on my canvas.  I am reminded of the fairies of one of my favorite artists, Cicely Mary Barker – be sure to look at her fairies on Pinterest if you aren’t familiar with her art!

Today, I painted the background with Golden Fluid acrylics in Titan Buff as this creates a cohesiveness to my background.

Angel collage - Titan Buff

I added Liquitex Basics acrylic paint in Raw Umber.  I water down the paint and add it in layers, removing much of the paint with an old rag until I’m satisfied with the appearance.  I like how this ages my piece.

raw umber antique added

I will be adding the finishing touches soon and plan to post my completed collage on Tuesday, Feb 9th.

Monday is Draw A Bird Day, hosted by Nina and Kerfe at Method Two Madness – so I will be creating a bird to join in the WP fun!  Why not join in the fun yourself?!

Flower Fairy Trivia:  Cicely Mary Barker used real children as her models for the Fairies and her flower pictures are botanically accurate.

Enjoy your Sunday!  🙂

23 responses to “A Garden Fairy

  1. Hi Jill, your collage is transforming in lovely unexpected ways. Thanks for sharing each step. Looking forward to the finale. See you tomorrow on bird day!

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  2. I like the way it’s aging, and enjoying watching your progress! What do you think of those liquitex basics? Do you feel there are enough brights? I’d like more colors but not looking to sink a lot of money into acrylics, as I don’t use them often. Wondering if I should stick with the craft paint since I don’t use them all that much. Happy Sunday Jill!

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  3. Loving the antiqued look!!

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  4. Simply magical, Jill, really! And I love Cicely Mary Barker! I have a very old copy of her “Flower Faeries of the Garden” and I treasure it. 🙂

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  5. Wow…this is really coming along nicely Jill! 💕👍🏻🎨 It’s so fun watching the evolution!! Lovely!! Can’t wait to see the final piece after Bird Day! Hehe

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  6. We ought to have plenty of birds tomorrow with all the plugs we are getting! Looking forward to yours. (K)

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  7. Love Cicely Mary Barker’s art, and I love this collage you are developing. As always your art inspires with joy and creative expression, looking forward to seeing the finished piece.

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  8. The aging effect of the liquitex is awesome! I’m looking forward to seeing the finished piece!
    One of my elementary school teachers had tattered old copies of several of Cicely Mary Barker’s faerie books and I would sit for countless recesses studying them – they are fantastic. I tried to find a second-hand one to buy last year while I was in Hay-on-Wye (the famous “Town of Books”) only to discover they are quite valuable – even beat up copies were selling for $50-150 each!

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  9. Wow! That is amazing! I only have new books. How neat that your elementary teacher let you look at her old copies! 😃 I’ve always liked the idea of fairies hiding under a leaf or flower petal. 💖💕🌈

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