A Leaf Study


Playing with shape, line and color on leaves with a few pods thrown in!

Happy Saturday Friends!  🙂

29 responses to “A Leaf Study

  1. What gorgeous leaves, Jill. I hope your Saturday is going well, too. xo

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  2. Beautiful colorful leaves!!

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  3. Great leaves! I love what the yellow does to them. That’s your style.

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  4. Great shapes and colors. (K)

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  5. Yay to color color color!! Hehe…💕😃 These are wonderful Jill! So bright and beautiful and a great way to start my otherwise gray wintery day. Thanks! 😉🎨

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  6. You really do always brighten everything with color. You have such a great sense for it, Jill, no matter what you’re drawing! Love it!

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  7. I love these…the colors are so bright. What did you use?

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    • I drew them in blue ink with my Lamy fountain pen and colored them with Prismacolor pencils. These color pencils are my favorite art supply I think – they are so rich and creamy. Have you ever used them, Carmel? 😃


  8. These are pretty and cheerful!

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  9. I’m a sucker for leaf studies and yours is so colorful and lovely! ❤

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  10. Glorious leaves and color! Thanks for sharing your Saturday fun, Jill. 🌿

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  11. Sweet little renderings. Makes me happy to look at all the shapes.

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  12. Fun leaf study, love your use of colors.

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  13. Wonderful colours Jill, leaves are an interesting study.

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