It’s A Jungle Out There!

These trees are a bit on the wild side!  Like the collages I made yesterday with magazines, today I decided to cut around the shapes so I could play with their background colors:

And then I added some patterns with color pencils:

I found that contrasting background colors really made them sing!  Much like a previous color experiment I did last April with the Bee-Eater Bird that you can find here.

Do you have a favorite tree or color combination?  I’d love to hear from you!

Happy Creating!

22 responses to “It’s A Jungle Out There!

  1. Better and better! I see the lower left being reproduced in textiles…but I think my favorite is the upper right. (K)

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  2. I favor the upper left. And I LOVE what you are doing with these, both today and the earlier ones I saw yesterday, I think. I hope to see more, I’m really enjoying this direction you are going.

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  3. they are all so fun – I think my fave is last one – bottom right

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  4. Soooo….the song Wild Thing was playing in my head the entire time I was viewing your post!😊 Lol Love your wild side Jill…these really pop! 💕😃

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  5. I love the top one. Love the simplicity of it and nice contrast, simple shapes. That’s my pick! 💜

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  6. On the iPad they’re all vertical but just read the comments….my fave is the magenta ground.

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  7. Pop! Great idea to use the solid color backgrounds. You are having loads of fun I see! Keep it up Jill! I’m inspired by you wild imagination! 😍💕

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  8. Wild is good, Jill! These are so fun, they make me want to dance! ❤ (Plus, you got the song "Walk on the wild side" in my head now…LOL!) I love Redbuds. Hubby likes Kentucky Coffeetree and my older son loves the Wahoo. 🙂

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  9. So funky, Jill! These would look great on t-shirts.

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