An Apple A Day

I decided to try a new approach for my tree collages today.  Remember the trees I drew a week ago?  Well, I made copies of the black and white images and used them as part of my collage papers for my trees!

And everyone knows, an apple a day keeps the doctor away!  But what about a collage a day?  I think it keeps the Creativity Zapper away!

An apple and pear tree:

Oh, and I almost forgot!  I used my gelli-printed deli papers and my Prismacolor pencils to add a touch of color.

A weeping cheery and orange tree:

Do you have a favorite?  I’d love to know what you think!

Hug a tree today!  🙂

25 responses to “An Apple A Day

  1. Your creativity is boundless! What a great way to incorporate your tree drawings in these collages. Lovely.

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  2. I like best the purple tree blowin in the wind…(K)

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  3. You are the tree of creativity, Jill! They are all delightful!

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  4. These are sooooo fun. I adore the first two! Love the colors in the first. They just pop off the page like a page from dr Seuss but i really attracted to the pear tree!! 😊❤️

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  5. Me too, gotta go with the pears but they’re all beautiful and I love your creativity, Jill. Seriously, awesome how you roll on! 💜

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    • Thanks Laura, you know how much I love to play! 😄🎨👍 I have gotten a bit side tracked creating these collages and haven’t started my tree painting for the class. 😜 I hope to start today! 💕🖌

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  6. If a collage a day doesn’t keep the doctor away it is definitely good for the soul!! These are fabulous Jill! Love starting my day with these!! 💕💕😃🎨

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  7. I love the exaggeration of the leaves and fruit. Very modern. I think Picasso and Matisse would love your work. 🙂

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  8. It is a nice collection of happy (and not so happy) trees. My favorite is the orange tree.

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  9. Jill, oh my I just love your enthusiasm and freedom and the willingness to play with shapes and color! There is Excitement here!
    Willingness to Take Risks….. is one of the most important things artists need, and need to jealously hold on to.
    the collages are ALL wonderfully expressive and colorful. I would say, IMO, that the red apple collage has a clear design, contrasts, colors and balance to it. Very Pleasing group of collages you’ve created Jill. 🙂

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  10. You’ve inspired me to create my own collaged trees.

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  12. These look great all together – a lovely collection! 🙂

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