Colors and Textures, Oh My!

I was really attracted to the colors on the buildings in Oaxaca, Mexico.  I discovered interesting color combinations and found the colors did not have to match.

I did a loose interpretation of the buildings in collage, watercolor, color pencils and ink pen that I thought you might enjoy seeing:

And I loved the texture of this old door:

This one I did today with Neocolors, watercolor, color pencil and ink pen:

I hope you enjoyed my experiments.  I’d love to know what you think!

Have a color filled Friday!  🙂

30 responses to “Colors and Textures, Oh My!

  1. Love your colorful interpretation Jill!

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  2. Hard to pick a favorite…I’m attracted by the geometry of the colors. The texture of the doors is really nice too. (K)

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    • I like how you said that, Kerfe – I was also attracted to the geometry of colors. And so many different color combos! I wonder what their paint sample cards look like at the paint store….and what the paint is named! Mango yellow comes to mind! Lol! 😄🎨💕

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  3. I especially like the first one. What great inspiration you had and what nice work you did.

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  4. Wow! I adore your artistic style! These are amazing interpretations!!

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  5. Nice work, Jill! Wonderful inspiring photos and artwork.

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  6. Was that the red ink we got from Oaxaca in the first one you did?

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  7. Neocolors work great for the hues of Mexico! Love your interpretations! ❤️

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  8. I believe I like the first one best. Love that you play around.

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  9. Your art is as beautiful and varied as the doorways…Lovely!

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  10. Wonderful depictions of your trip visions. Thanks for posting the pictures as well, it’s fun to see your inspiration. Thanks Jill.

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  11. Color Explosion!! Wow! hehe… love these. Your translations of those structures are beautiful Jill! 😍

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  12. Like seeing your inspiration beautiful interpretation!

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