Hot Pink Hippos

I loved the hot pink Bougainvillea growing in Oaxaca!  And I found a bright pink wall too…

Hot Pink!  What comes to your mind when you think of this color?  I’d love to hear from you!

As far as hot pink hippos… one of our drawing assignments was to draw a contour of a stuffed animal in Oaxaca.  I kind of fell in love with the hot pink hippo:


Carla Sonheim taught us how to take our drawings a step further and create a colorful animal – a fun way to doodle!  Here is my hippo:


Hip Hip Hoorah, it’s Saturday!  🙂

Enjoy your day!

26 responses to “Hot Pink Hippos

  1. That color immediately makes me think of azaleas.
    Maybe a rhino with the horns? Cute in any case…a patchwork friend! (K)

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  2. I like your hippo better than the original! Love all the colors in it. ☺ That wall is gorgeous, but way braver than I would be!

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  3. Your hippo is awesome!!!! Love it! Such a knack you have. Hot pink is one of my fave colors – so bright and happy! Happy Saturday Jilly! Charlie and I are heading out for a walk with the birds tweeting, the sun shining, and the daffodils ready to burst!

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    • Thanks Jodi! 😃 I bought myself a bouquet of daffodils at the store yesterday that were closed and today they burst open! Smell soooo sweet! 💐💖🌈 Your walk with Charlie sounds wonderful! 🐶🐾🌞

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  4. Oh, golly – I love hot pink, and I love your artwork for this Jill – this NEEDS framing and displaying for continual visual enjoyment. Lovely creation! So detailed, lively, and wonderful shape and colors all over!

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  5. Hot pink makes me think of flamingos and dancing, though I never go dancing. Lol And that hot pink hippo is sooo charming, but your resulting hippo is pure awesomeness!! Love the patches of color and texture!! 😃💕🎨

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  6. You’ve got me inspired Jill, I love hot pink and hippos. I love your collage drawing!

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    • Thanks Sharon! 😃 I used Tombow markers around some of the edges and then softened the middle with water. I really like how this looked – it gave it dimension before I added my doodles. 😄🎨🌈

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  7. Love your hippo. So much to see and take in. You are very creative!

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    • Thank you kindly, Carmel! 💕💖 I felt a bit overwhelmed by everything at the beginning of my trip! So much to see and so many colors!! I hope I can go back some day. 😃


  8. Look at your cuter than cute hippo! Love him! Hot pink reminds me of my twenties when I used to wear the color. 😀

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  9. There is always such a high-spirited joy in your art, and this one really sings! The hot pink inspiration is fantastic and the resulting drawing of a quilt art, with fabulous color and texture is lovely. Thank you for sharing this fine looking fellow!

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  10. Wow, this is really wonderful Jill! You should def. frame this! I think of soft deep rich pastels right now because I got a set (my first) and that color was there and just leaped out of the box at me. So freaking gorgeous, those colors! I hope you frame this!

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  11. At first I thought you may have had one too many margaritas! 🙂 Pink Hippos?

    I love your Hippo!! The colors are complimentary, the patterns within it are interesting and contrast nicely with each other, and black and polka dot border is a brilliant finishing touch!

    I was in Mexico when the Bougainvillea was in bloom once. It’s amazing! Most people thing the pink leaves are the blossoms…Confession. I did too until that trip. I had a Bougainvillea vine growing up over my patio years ago. Sadly, He-Man pulled it out Bougainvillea because it cut him up too much when he was trimming and tidying up the yard.
    He didn’t appreciate the thorns. 😦

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    • Thanks Deborah! 💖💕 Glad you like my hippo – the black border with white dots was Carla Sonheim’s idea. 😃 And I agree that the Bougainvillea is soooo pretty but the thorns can be very painful I hear. 😳

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