Oaxacan Inspired

I was inspired by the colors in Oaxaca, Mexico to create this doodle:


And by the amazing hand-painted patterns on wood – such as these Mexican whisks called Molinillos which are used to add froth to hot chocolate or milky coffee:


I will show you more about this fantastic art in my next post!  🙂

Salute!  (Cheers in Spanish!)

25 responses to “Oaxacan Inspired

  1. This is great Jill! I can see that Mexico was good to you! (K)

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  2. Love the colors!!

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  3. It is beautiful and what I really love is the background painting underneath those hand painted wooden (not sure what they are). Both are lovely! And the hand painted things, also lovely! Wonderful inspiration in Mexico and thanks for sharing Jill!

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    • Hi Laura! I just edited my post to explain that the wooden sticks are called Molinillos which is a Mexican whisk to add froth to hot chocolate or milky coffee. Glad you enjoyed my post. 😄🎨💕

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  4. Amazing doodle!! Those color combinations are so gorgeous!! What a great inspiration!! 😃❤️🎨

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  5. The color pops right off the page, Jill. I like how you added the white dots to the black paint. It’s exciting to see your inspired creativity.

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  6. So nice and coloful!

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  7. Gorgeous colors, and patterns in this one Jill!

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  8. Love that Zentangle-like artwork! Great use of the white together with the brilliant colors!

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  9. Nice inspiration to work with! Like the colors in this one


  10. Fantastic. Mexico is so inspiring with it’s bright colors and patterns.

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  11. Its gorgeous Jill. I was often captivated by the colours and styles of the Mexican art I saw whilst travelling in America. It really is so vibrant and inspiring.

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