The Kenspeckle

Knowing that a Kenspeckle bird can easily be seen or recognized…I spotted one right away from this Gelli-print – do you see it?


Let me help you…



The Kenspeckle bird is related to the Pigsney bird – no fooling!  😉

Yes, kenspeckle is a REAL word!  I found it on “Word of the Day.”  You never know what you will find in the dictionary or my imagination!  LOL!

Happy Friday!  :-)))

32 responses to “The Kenspeckle

  1. Delightfully charming and amusing…thank you for the smiles. Love your drawings and textured under-painting.

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  2. Your Gelli printing is gorgeous, texture and color. I think I saw one of those Kespeckle birds fly over my house, lol.

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  3. Great word! And smiles to start the day. (K)

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  4. Hehe!!! Love this!! Thanks for the smile this morning!! The Kenspeckle has now been added to my list of favorite birds!! 😉Fun!!! 😍😍🎨

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  5. and Happy April Fools Day …. the day to smile

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  6. OMG that front view is like looking in a mirror today Jill love it!

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  7. How fun! What a cool name. Love your art!

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  8. I only see elephants. I’m glad you helped out on this one. 😍

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  9. Hahaha! It is always a delight to drop by and check out your whimsical posts, Jill! 💕

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  10. Ha ha. Your kenspeckle bird is great and such a perfect name for him 😀

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  11. The Kenspeckles come to our feeders every Saturday. I guess they are weekend brunch birds? I wonder where they get their eyeglasses…

    Awesome Gelli print and bird illustrations 🙂 ! And thanks for the new word.

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  12. I have been so surprised to see computer terminology in the dictionary. I get word of the day and love it!

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  13. Love your Kenspeckle bird. I also saw a bird in your gelli print – but a moustached one. Haha. Our imagination is a wonderful thing. Thanks for sharing yours.

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