Recycled Art

I have several paintings that I created in experiments that I wanted to recycle into something else.

I started by painting over my images with Golden fluid acrylic paints.  I added random marks and scratched into some of the paints while they were still wet with the end of my paintbrush.  Below is a frog I did on hot pressed watercolor paper:

I liked how the marks revealed some of colors underneath, like this pear painting I did on cold pressed 140 lb paper:

I found this very meditative to just play without thinking about the outcome.  Next, I decided to cut them up into squares and rectangles and draw on them with Uniball gel pens:


I then attached them to notecards:


I really like how they turned out!  What do you think?

How do you recycle your art?  I’d love to hear your creative solutions!

Happy Recycling!  🙂

40 responses to “Recycled Art

  1. Fun! I am also a fan of cutting up and repurposing, as you know. Good results with these! (K)

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  2. Patricia G Bleecher

    Definitely like this Jill – perfect for notecards. They look happy

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  3. These are fantastic! Beautiful process, really lovely results.

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  4. These turned out great, Jill!! Love the result! And the deep rich colors and pattern. Nice!! 😃💕🎨

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  5. I like them! I always draw a black ruled border around the little painting on the notecard, makes it look more finished. Hope you don’t mind the suggestion : ). N.

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    • Excellent idea! 😄 Thank you so much Nina! I thought about putting a piece of colored paper behind each one but it seemed too busy. I like your idea of drawing a black line. 💕💖


  6. how awesome are these?!!!!?!!!?!!! Love so many of them. The sunflower is so striking with the white gel pen and the rose – so lovely – the one next to the roses reminds me of a school of fish – love it – was that intended. Beautiful Beautiful Art Jilly!!

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  7. Everything about your art today makes me smile and feel good, brilliant idea. And, the colors and layering is awesome. I hope this art makes your cold go away faster! Happy day Jill.

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  8. Love your idea of recycled art! Super creative 😀 it’s turned out really nice 👌🏼

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  9. I’ve tried that too, but my cards never turned out as gorgeous as yours

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  10. I really like how they turned out too. Great creativity! 🙂

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  11. Love how they turned out Jill! Wonderful idea for notecards. And what’s better than recycled art? I should try this, I have sooo many experiments lol. They look great the way you finished them and I really like how the white pen makes them pop. Love those uniballs!

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  12. What great ideas you have and presented so simply that I can understand & feel empowered to try some of them. Loved this post & the resulting images and cards are gorgeous. Thanks for sharing.

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  13. WOW! I love them. They are so vibrant, cheerful, and so creative!

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  14. Fabulous! I could visit only your blog every week and get enough creative fodder to last me until the visit the next week! Truly beautiful, useful and cheery! 🙂

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