Harold’s Idea

It was a blustery Spring day yesterday when Harold landed on my doorstep.

You do remember Harold, don’t you?

I invited Harold inside for a hot cup of Mint Magic tea:


As Harold’s feathers started to warm-up, he started chirping, I mean, CHATTING almost non-stop!


Here is some of our conversation….

“You know summer is coming,” said Harold while tapping his beak impatiently on his teacup…”

“Why yes, Harold.”  I replied quietly.

“So I think it is time to roll out some fun!”  Replied Harold, waving his wings enthusiastically.

“How do you suggest I do this?”  I replied calmly.

“Well, I think you could start a Weird Bird Wednesday on your blog,” said Harold, spilling a little tea on his scarf in his excitement.

“Oh?”  I replied with caution.

“Why yes,” said Harold, “You could create one of your weird birds from dictionary.com – word of the day.  And maybe your readers will want to suggest a word now and then too!”

“That may work,” I replied as the imagination wheels started spinning in my head.

“And I will get the ball rolling by suggesting the first word for your weekly series,” said Harold with a smile on his beak.

(How could I turn down a smiling bird!)  “Okay, I will do it!” I said happily.  Harold stood and gave me a high-five with his wing.

“What word do you suggest for the first Weird Bird Wednesday?”  I asked.

“Ninnyhammer!”  Shouted Harold as he giggled and flew out my door…

Here is my Ninnyhammer bird (AKA – A Noodlehead):


Now you know how some of my creative ideas get started!  Harold and I hope you play along and suggest words for a future, Weird Bird Wednesday!

Happy Smiles!  :-)))

44 responses to “Harold’s Idea

  1. I hope one of his friends will make an appearance on Friday for Draw-a-Bird Day! (K)

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  2. Yippee. Love your crazy birds!!!!!

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  3. Yay! I shall look forward to Weird Bird Wednesdays!

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  4. What a fabulous idea! And that Ninnyhammer is a fine looking fellow!

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  5. What a great idea. Love your bird!

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  6. OMG I see your deli/gelly/papers! Love, Jill!

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  7. Harold is a hoot! Weird Bird Wednesdays sounds like a fab idea. Thanks for a Wednesday smile!!

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  8. What a good laugh today and I love your fun imagination. I’d love to join in with the fun! Thanks Jill, I needed a good LOL.

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  9. Woow so nice! Love this one 😍

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  10. Absolutely wonderful. Harold’s great and has great ideas!

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  11. Yay! Support that crazy bird’s idea of Weird Bird Wednesdays!! Hehe 😃👍🏻 Love these Jill! So full of character and charm!! 😍😃🎨

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  12. I just love Harold! I’m totally digging his poke a dotted shorts, and those sexy legs..oh my! Thanks for the visit Harold!! Come back soon! 😍

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  13. What a creative and wacky imagination you have Jill. Love it I will watch for more.

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  14. I love these awesome chicken/birds! Nice work Jill! -Jill

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  15. Fantastic, amazing, wonderful..all good stuff and so happy looking. Adore Harold and your tea party, love the Ninnyhammer, cute name and such a noble and beautiful looking bird. Magic mint tea…sounds perfect. Thank you for sharing these uplifting gems.

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  16. Love the Ninnyhammer! ❤

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  18. I absolutely love weird birds – wacky ones too – and yours are so fun! Don’t know about the Wednesday bit though. But count on me to create some birds in the weeks to come. 🙂

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