Spring Arrives

Spring has arrived early in the Pacific Northwest with unusually warm temperatures!  I took this photo of my Flowering Plum tree yesterday and created a haiku for you:


Delicate pink blooms

Dance in a brilliant blue sky

Spring arrives early.

Enjoy your day!  🙂

31 responses to “Spring Arrives

  1. glorious! look at the pure cobalt sky!! holy mackerel!
    and …. what a welcome treat. as a fellow (ex) Pac NW person, I know the feeling. I love your photo Jill. so pretty. so Spring.
    another flowering plant my grandmother grew, Jodi had the other one LOL

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  2. so beautiful Jill – winter came back for a visit here 🙂

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  3. Just delightful Jill! We are all have some different weather this weekend, hail storm in Las Vegas yesterday. Enjoy your beautiful weather, good friend!

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  4. I took this exact picture yesterday. AND Haiku is Ukiah spelled backwards, that’s where I’m from. 🙂 Nice Haiku.

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  5. Beautiful, Ms Jill!– I can also personally attest as sick as all of those beautiful blooms made me last week while I was visiting the Olympian Peninsula! I wanted to let you know that I was relieved to hear that they caught the second guy that escaped in the Spokane area. I don’t know what part of the metro area in which you live but I thought about you and was relieved when they caught both of them. A bit too close for comfort in any event, I’m sure! 🙂

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  6. Beautiful picture and haiku! ❤ Feels like spring to me!

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  7. How beautiful and such a treat to see the blossoms. Mine have long since gone to leaf.

    The Haiku is lovely too!

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  8. Beautiful photo and verse, Jill! I really really hope you all get a warmer than normal summer once again and we get a cooler one. Then we will both be happy! 😀 It was snowing here yesterday so it looks like last year’s pattern is repeating lol

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    • Hi Laura! Nice to hear from you. 😊 I do enjoy the sunshine but I hope we get some rain as it was way to dry last year. A happy medium is what would be nice. 🌞🌧☂🌈 Hope your snow doesn’t last!

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  9. So envious. We’re suppose to get more snow but the temperatures are also suppose to go above freezing this week. Looking forward to that. Cherry blossoms probably won’t come out till May.

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  10. Yay to spring!!!! This is beautiful!!! Love this shot Jill!! 😃💕

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  11. Picturesque and postcard perfect image. The pairing with your lovely verse just heightens the beauty of the display.

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  12. Happy Spring! They keep teasing us in the NE, but it has to stay eventually! (K)

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  13. Glorious photo Jill

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