Poppies and Sunflowers

I finally finished my third big blooms painting!  I have been working on it for some time because I decided to add collage papers to it instead of pastels as I did for my first and second large flower paintings.

Below are progress photos of my acrylic painting before collage:

Once I was somewhat pleased with my painting, I added collage papers that I did on the Gelli plate previously.  I cut them out of my deli printed papers and glued them over my painted flowers with Liquitex gloss medium, paying attention to lights and darks.

On the second one above, I painted over some of the gelli prints that I added to the vase and the background to help blend the colors.  Below is a close-up on the collage at two different stages:


And below is my finishing touches – the one on the right is the completed painting:

You may be wondering what the purple flower is?  Well, I kind of made it up!  I liked the color combination!  Lol!

Happy Creating!  🙂

36 responses to “Poppies and Sunflowers

  1. I love the dimension of the finished piece…but you know I also like the original patchwork with the black line drawing a lot too. (K)

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  2. I was going to say th same thing as Kerfe. It is lovely start to finish. N.

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  3. So pretty! It’s a bit overcast and gloomy here this morning, so this pop of color was a great way to start the day. 🙂

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  4. Oh Jill! Wowzie Wow!!!! Absolutely beautifullll!!!! Blown away again by your talent and unique style! ❤

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  5. Fabulous process and end result, Jill – I am super impressed. This is something I would love to see more of on your blog.

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  6. Jill, I love watching your process, your flower arranged painting is a rhapsody color, textures, dripping paint, collage, patterns that makes me so happy.

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  7. This burst of colors was what I needed right now on a cloudy day… beautiful!

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  8. So very creative and beautiful!

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  9. Ohh My!! you have outdone yourself Jill! I am loving it the process and final output so awesome 💕😍 🙂

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  10. Gorgeous!! This is the best one yet. Love those brilliant colors! Very beautifully done Jill! 💕😃

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  11. Absolutely stunning, Jill! ❤ Made up flowers are the best kinds. 🙂

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  12. Excellent! You put so much into this! My favorite part is the bent sunflower in front. I love the way the light hits the top petals. The background is really cool too. And, being an artist means you can make up as many different flowers as you want! 😊

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  14. This is excellent!

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  15. Wow! such sunshine and happiness in this piece Jill.

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  16. These flowers are so beautiful! I had no idea that deli paper could look so amazing! You could be the next Eric Carle. Instead of writing about a hungry caterpillar like he did you could write about flowers. I love this!!!

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    • Thank you for you kind comments, Jade! 💕🎨 You made my day! 😃 And yes, I love the transparency of Gelli printed deli paper plus it is so light weight – perfect for collage! 💐💐💐

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