The Volunteers

Bright, cheery faces

They showed up unexpected

Waiting for me….

So I painted them!

Spring Violets in watercolor with a touch of color pencils.

Wishing you a sunny Sunday!  🙂

44 responses to “The Volunteers

  1. beautiful – I even love yours more than the real ones! thanks for sharing Jilly!

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  2. I love Johnny jump-ups! I used to pick them on the way to school. Always a good morning when I saw them. (K)

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  3. lovely indeed. 🙂

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  4. Beautiful violets, a good way to start the morning. I like Kerfe’s name for the flowers. Have a terrific Sunday Jill. I hope your cold is better.

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  5. This was the flower you mentioned?! It’s gorgeous!!! So well done Jill. These turned out great!! LOVE!! 💜💜😍😃🎨

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  6. Pretty violets…both real and your painting! ❤

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  7. Violets do have happy faces yours made me smile. Thank you Jill. Enjoy your Sunday.

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  8. You have caught the colour perfectly. I am going to the garden supply place today to buy some pansies, violas and primulas to plant in the garden for some colour through winter.

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  9. Jill you have a gift for flowers!!! This is my favorite flower which I’ve tried painting and it turns out blech! Yours is really gorgeous. You’ve done a beautiful job of shading and your background really makes your flowers stand out! I just love the viola/Johnny jump up version of the pansy. I guess they’re related to pansies. They grow wild here too but I love the way they often will bloom through winter. They’re just like me, only the hot days of summer will kill them, and then they come back in the fall! Anyway, beautiful job! I am half tempted to try again but it would bum me out if they turned out boring and flat again. Yours have wonderful dimension. They’re better than the photo. I agree with Jodi! 💐🌻🌷😎

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    • So kind of you to say, Laura – and nice to see you again! 😄🙋💕 I wasn’t very happy with the end result. I think I needed some pink and I wanted to paint more loosely which didn’t happen! Need more practice! Happy you like it though. 😊 I have since changed it and am doodling around it. 😍


  10. What size is your painting Jill?

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