A Garlic Recipe

I realized today that I don’t really have the correct colors to paint garlic in watercolors.  In other words, I need a better recipe!  Well, if all else fails, my motto is add paint splatters!


I added a few color pencils at the end.

Speaking of recipes, I wanted to share one of my favorite ones using garlic.  I used to get these recipe cards in the mail and I loved them because they have a picture of what the food is supposed to look like on one side and the recipe on the other side:

I usually add fresh parmesan cheese at the end.  Hope you enjoy it!

Happy Painting!  🙂

28 responses to “A Garlic Recipe

  1. Those colors work fabulously!! Beautifully done!! 😍 💕🎨Love the delicate lines! This is lovely Jill! And that recipe just makes me super hungry!! Hehe…yum!! Gonna have to try that!! 😃

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    • Thanks Charlie! Not much time today so it is a little rushed. 😬 Hope to try again when I have more time. The recipe is super easy and awesome if you love broccoli like I do! Hehe! 💕😄

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  2. I am loving all the different interpretations of garlic today! I don’t think there is such a thing as “garlic color” so your piece is beautiful as it is! ❤

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  3. Beautiful Jill, the colors you choose are perfect! I love the splatters.

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  4. I think the colors are wonderful! I have wondering how to paint something that is white. It feels like an enormous challenge.

    I love broccoli. This recipe sounds yummy.

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  5. Your garlic is awesome Jill – and I love the splatters – but I bet you knew that would be the case with me – LOL! – I love garlic, and it sounds wonderful in this broccoli recipe – a double bonus from you today – thanks!

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  6. great painting, love the colours!!
    and the splatters 🙂

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  7. You can even make garlic look happy! I think the colors are just fine. (K)

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  8. I think it’s fantastic Jill! Everything about it! Wonderful job!

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  9. Well done Jill! Colors looks perfect for me 😀 Thanks for a quick recipe, I’ll definitely give it a try 👍🏼

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  10. The splatters work great, but you really don’t need them… who cares for realistic colors?! 🙂

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  11. Your garlic looks perfect and the recipe sounds scrumptious. Thanks for sharing both!

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