Lavender Lilacs

Spring arrived and went straight to summer I think…  We have had temperatures in the high 70’s for the last 2 weeks so my lilacs are blooming about 2 weeks early.


I just love the sweet scent of lilacs, how about you?

I created an abstract watercolor of my lilacs and then added some collage paper:


I finished it by adding a few color pencils:


Sweet perfume blossoms – In soft shades of lavender – Delight my senses…

Wishing you a sunny Sunday!  🙂

14 responses to “Lavender Lilacs

  1. The photo of your lilac blooms is gorgeous, and the delightful haiku paired with your beautiful collage/painting is a lovely treat. Thank you for sharing.

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  2. So gorgeous – I love your version! It’s so Jilllllyy! 🙂

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  3. So pretty!! Love what you did with these and the colors are so beautiful!! 😍 thanks for the burst of spring!

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  4. It’s a perfect way to “paint” those lilacs! I can smell them just from looking at your piece! 💕

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  5. Beautiful! Such a creative way to paint lilacs. The lilacs here are going to be finished a month ahead of when they normally bloom! Unheard of.

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  6. I love lilacs Jill! And collage too! One of my very favorite scents…(K)

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  7. Very pretty I do enjoy flowers and painting them.

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