Creative Play

Sometimes it is just fun to play with color, patterns and shapes in my art journal.  I created these experiments with Neocolors Water-soluble crayons and watercolor:

The above shapes have an organic feel to me.  The ones below feel different…

You can tell I did them on different days…  It is interesting how our feelings can be expressed with color and shapes, even without thinking about it.

The one below reminded me of flowers and hummingbirds:


What do you think?  I’d love to hear from you!

Happy Experimenting!  🙂

37 responses to “Creative Play

  1. More fun! I’m especially drawn to the amoeba like shapes on the upper right. (K)

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  2. At very first glance I interpreted this as a phalanx of hummingbirds. 🙂

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  3. I love the last one and they all are fun and jilly! 😝

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  4. Patricia G Bleecher

    Happy ! Playful -H2O crayons are fun, think I’ll use mine today. Thanks Jill.

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  5. This is great. Fun

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  6. Neocolors are just plane fun to play with!! Yes the last one does indeed remind me of hummingbirds and flowers. Have fun again today Jill!

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  7. Fun! All I can think of is bananas and eggs lol.

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  8. Hi Jill, what fun. Playing with color is a never ending source of enjoyment. Thanks for sharing your “Jilly” (quoting Jodi) inspiration. Lol!

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  9. Yep… the last one is my fave… it does remind me of hummingbirds and I love them! Hehe Beautiful and colorful play my friend. They’re all fabulous and fun!! 😍🎨

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  10. Being playful and exploring color is a fantastic way to segue into learning about watercolor. I need to do the same! Your playfulness with your hummingbird painting makes me think how fun and unexpected watercolor can be.

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  11. Those totally look like hummingbirds! And such playful and happy colors! I should remember to just play with colors more. 🙂

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  12. Love the last one best too Jill! I agree with you that different moods can really influence what we create. Isn’t it fun to just sit down and play with color? It’s the best therapy ever!

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  13. Jennifer L Foshee

    The hummingbirds! Yes, love ’em! 😊

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  14. Yey! These are great experiments, Jill. Agree with you on our moods reflected in our work most especially with the colors we choose to use. I do not have neocolor water soluble crayons but I hear they are wonderful.

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  15. Hi, late response, but just wanted to say I love your experiments – especially the last one. Definitely humming bird like. 🙂

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    • Thanks Corinne! These were really fun! I’m enjoying Cat Bennett’s latest class – In and Out of the Sketchbook. Some of these experiments were inspired by her class. 🙂


  16. How fun!!! You have inspired me to give it a try!!

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