A good friend of mine’s son and his wife, (who live in France) named their daughter, Violette.  I have always thought this is such a pretty name for a girl.

Do you remember my violet that I painted in watercolor from this photograph:

Well, I decided to add more color pencils and doodle around it with a black pen:


I’m liking it much better now…  I hope to do more combinations of watercolors and doodles.  I’d love to hear what you think!

Happy Painting and Doodling!  🙂

29 responses to “Violette

  1. I like the contrast. (K)

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  2. Woohoo you Jillyed it up!!!! 😝👍

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  3. Love it, Jill. Very creative. I keep meaning to try watercolors with pastels.

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  4. Jill, you truly have a gift for flowers! I love your doodles, I think you do beautiful work (and to me, they are much more than doodles, they are works of art)! For me, I like the original flower best, but I like things plain and simple sometimes, particularly in this case, as that little viola is my favorite flower. If I were going to combine a flower with a doodle, I’d probably funk up the flower so the styles of the two would be more of a blend? Although it is lovely as it is, honestly! But I think I would try it the other way too just to see. That’s just me. Love your flower and all of your florals, you seem to capture their essence every time. 💜

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  5. This looks much more interesting now, I really like the way you changed it

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  6. Hehe!! Yay!! I love what Jodi said… she beat me to it! You added a big burst of Jill to it and I LOVE it! So much more unique and interesting. Nice!! 😍🎨😃

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  7. Must admit I like the simple flower better. The doodles kind of overpower the watercolor, with all due respect. N.

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  8. What a stunning change and for the better. It was lovely to start with but adding the contrast is amazing. 🙂

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  9. I love how you experimented Jill but those little flowers on there own got a Big Wow! from me, stunning! I can see the first image as a card, bookmark, cushion cover or printed on canvas. The second image is fun as well. Love your art.

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  10. I love the added additions Jill. I like how you are willing to try new ideas and processes.

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  11. Patricia G Bleecher

    Those doodles are Impressive!

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  12. I like it too.

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  13. Ranae - Silver Thread Studio

    Both are nice, but I do think the doodles make the violets pop. Very pretty!

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