The Power Of A Shoe…

I am currently taking an online class from Cat Bennett called, Making Art A Practice: In and Out of the Sketchbook. (Click on the highlight to see a video preview of her class).  This is the second online class I’ve taken from Cat and I really enjoy her teaching style.  She is a gentle soul and I always learn so much from her.

Cat recently shared Andy Warhol’s shoe art so I had to give it a try with my own imaginary shoe:image

I drew a shape of a shoe on computer paper and then cut out the interior shape.  Next, I applied rubber cement around the stencil edges and temporarily glued it to hot press watercolor paper.  I then applied watercolor to the paper and removed the stencil before it was completely dry.

After the paint was totally dry, I added highlights to the shoe.  I cut a flower from a previous gelli-print and attached it to the shoe with a glue stick.  I found the quote on the internet.

I can’t wear shoes like this anymore… but it doesn’t mean I can’t draw them!  🙂

Happy Creating!  🙂

36 responses to “The Power Of A Shoe…

  1. Cool shoe and process!

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  2. You have the most creative ideas!

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  3. Very cute! My size 11 would look obnoxious in it though! LOL! 🙂

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  4. So fun! What a cool idea! 😃💕 Your boundless creativity always makes me smile, Jill!

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  5. That’s right, art away, cute illustration Jill and I’m glad you’re enjoying your class! Always love your Gelli prints. I still need to try this, how crazy is that?

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  6. Oh this shoe is fabulous and the flower color,Wow! I love the quote. I’ll check out Cats class.
    I met Giuseppe Zanoti. When I worked for Catholic Charities as the communication/development director, we had a fund raiser with GZ. He had a private shoe sale, by invitation only, at his store at The Forum shops in Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. I could only look, the shoes were not in my budget hehe!

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    • Wow! That is do cool, Sharon! 😃 I imagine you saw some amazing shoes! 🌟🎨💕 This is a fun technique, I hope you try it. I made a rose one in my turquoise art journal but I found it works best on hot press paper. I plan on doing more shoes – check out Andy Warhol’s images of shoes too – they are quite fun! 😍

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  7. Your shoe is so good. I also looked at the class it looks like a lot of fun. Something to free up an artist. I signed up for her newsletter. Perhaps she will run the class again. Look forward to seeing more of your work from the class!

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    • Thanks Carmel! I like her classes because it helps me see things differently and Cat introduces other artist’s styles each week. I especially like this class because we have an assignment in the sketchbook on Tuesday and then we take those ideas and apply them in a different way outside of our sketchbook on Thursday. I know she will be teaching more classes this year and I will let you know about it before the next one starts if you’d like. Are you on Facebook? Or could you give me your email? Thanks! 😄🎨


      • Jill I am on Facebook . I did sign up for Cat’s newsletter. I was very impressed with the outline of the course you are doing. I hope she has another course after my big move. That is keeping busy at the moment

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  8. I like the adornment on your shoe! Pleased to hear you are enjoying your latest on line class. 🙂

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  9. Great shoe painting, creative and fun to see.

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  10. I love the shoe! I haven’t worn heels since my younger brother’s wedding…but it makes a good picture! (K)

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  11. Loving the shoe! Not a heels lover but sometimes its nice to try and walk in them at the department store. 😀

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  12. Beautiful Shoe! I love the details also wow for the reference of a great Italian shoe designer Giuseppe Zanotti! 😉 Great creativity!

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  15. That is very creative Jill! I love it! have a great day!

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