A Blue Shoe

I’m having so much fun painting shoes!  They are such a kick!  Lol!  🙂

This drawing was made by looking at my hubby’s old brown shoe to create my stencil.  Brown seemed too drab so I decided to paint it blue!  And I love Forrest Gump so the quote just seemed like a good match:


I added the stitching with color pencil and a few lines to make the shoe look worn.

I thought you might also enjoy seeing these sketches in my art journal:


I really like sketching in 2 colors as it adds more dimension.

Happy Drawing!  🙂

28 responses to “A Blue Shoe

  1. Love the blue shoes, Jill! Thank you for sharing your sketches….I’m learning a lot!

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  2. Great sketch. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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  3. Such a happy blue shoe!! 💙

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  4. Love the quote! Can my blue smurf foot borrow that blue shoe? I was drawing shoes yesterday, but mine didn’t turn out too good. I’ve sometimes gone over a graphite sketch with ink, but I’ve never really tried sketching with colors — unless I’m doing a colored pencil drawing. Well, I did sketch a ladybug recently and colored it in with black and red colored pencils…and I’m just babbling this morning, aren’t I? Love the blue shoe. Is it suede? Now, I’ll be hearing Elvis singing in my brain all day!

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  5. These are great Jill! There’s so much joy in your work, always! I think I like the sketches in your journal as much as the shoe! Love the two colors (and that’s a great idea), and composition and color range throughout! Bravo 👏👏😎🎨🌻😃

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  6. Loving the shoe and the quote makes the piece fabulous! I’m far from an artist, but when I was doing pencil and charcoal drawing in college, my favorite subjects were shoes. Shoes and woodgrain were the only things I could manage to get a flow from my eyes to my fingers, then through the pencil to the paper.

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    • Shoes are fun! So happy you enjoyed drawing them too, Joyce! I’m learning that it is all about daily practice. I’m really starting to enjoy drawing and liking my sketches better. 🙂

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  7. Wonderful sketching this morning Jill. I like your blue suede shoes! And, your random product sketches are a good way to practice. You are always full of surprises! Have a beautiful day.

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  8. You are on busy artist! Nice work. Love that shoe!

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  9. Fabulous shoes, Jill!😃💕 Love them in blue! Now your hubby needs a blue pair just like this! I’d totally wear these! And your sketchbook looks awesome… I agree the two color makes for great dimension. You made Dial hand soap look fascinating! You rock! 🎨😃

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  10. Don’t step on those blue suede shoes! I love that you are drawing the things around you. Fun, as always. (K)


  11. This reminded me of a friend’s dancing shoes – lovely 🙂 !!! I love how you’re so engaged with the drawing… You’d inspired me so much and all my time has gone through this whirlwind section of my life… I hope I can get back into it soon again! Unpacked my art books and photographed them though 😀 Keep it up Jill ❤

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    • Happy to hear that I can inspire you! Art helps me through life – look forward to seeing your art again soon! And YAY for unpacking art books! I love art books and art supplies… and a comfy pair of shoes! hehe! 🙂

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  12. After a long absence i browsed around happily!! xoxox Johanna

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