G’Day Mate!

This Furphy bloke showed up on my doorstep today for Weird Bird Wednesday:


Isn’t he a beut?!  You can be sure it isn’t a Lyre bird!

Word of the Day:  Furphy – (noun)  Australian – A false report, rumor

A Lyre bird is known as the best mimicking bird in the bird world.  It is from Southeastern Australia and has the ability to imitate the songs of 20 species of bird.  Yet, what amazes me is this bird’s ability to imitate a whole range of sounds other than birdsong.

Check out this YouTube video and tell me how many different sounds you hear!

Well, enough yabber for today, wishing you a ripper day in the outback!

Cheers!  🙂


33 responses to “G’Day Mate!

  1. I love your drawing of him (is that collage added in there too?) just such a nice style. Are these birds like Minah birds? They too mimick things. I guess the chap in the vid lived near a construction site – his drill noises were brilliant!

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    • Thanks Vicki! 😄 My bird is a mixture of collage papers – some from a children’s dictionary and other papers I painted. His head is using the definition for fur and his tail is a definition for rumor. I drew his legs. These silly birds are like a puzzle for me using my imagination. And I looked up the Myna bird – thanks for mentioning him – he looks to be from Asia, mainly India and mimics noises like this bird. Which I agree, his drill noises were spot on! 😉

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  2. What an amazing bird! I was spellbound watching your video, (and I will be watching it again and again). Your mixed media bird is fantastic and would no doubt be in good company with the Lyre bird if they happen to meet. Very smile worthy, thank you for sharing.

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  3. Amazing bird – too many sounds to count!

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  4. Happy weird Wednesday! Adorable.

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  5. Happy Wednesday! He looks like he wants to dance! 🙂

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  6. This is what I was looking for in my Reader Jill. A smile and a laugh and something fun and colorful. I’m so glad you posted today. Have a beautiful Wednesday. 💜

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  7. Lol… love your Furphy!😍🎨 What a great word! He’s adorably awesome, Jill though I won’t believe anything he tells me, of course. hehe And that video is amazing! So wild to hear that…loved it!

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  8. Love love the video! Furphy isn’t simply splendid! Cheerio!

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  9. Love your collage artwork Jill. Thanks for the video, what a talented vocalist!

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  10. Amazing bird Jill thanks for the video I even heard him say “how yer doin’ ”
    Would be a good one to draw with that great tail…

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  11. Ahh the Lyre Bird one on my bucket list to capture on my camera, want to sketch one, they are so shy and quick I have not been so lucky yet. I have never heard of that word Jill. Loving your quirky bird though so very cute.

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