The Flapjack Bird

A friend made us cottage cheese pancakes at the lake this weekend which gave me the idea for today’s Weird Bird Wednesday

The amazing Flapjack can condense its body almost as flat as a pancake when it senses the flying Frypan close by:


When I was a child, my dad used to pour the pancake batter into creative shapes.  I don’t remember any birds however.  Lol!

I hope this gives you a smile today!  🙂

Pass the syrup, please!!

36 responses to “The Flapjack Bird

  1. Pancakes are fun, and why not make birds? 🙂 Love your little cuties.

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  2. Mountains of pancakes…what could be better? I’m kind of taken by the flying frypan too…(K)

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  3. So adorable!!! Smiling ear to ear!!! 😊❤️

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  4. So creative, Jill! I love your mixed media.

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  5. It did give me a smile and a good start of the day! Xo Johanna

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  6. I like how the big flying pan is kind of chasing the bird in front! Very imaginative, Jill! Love the colors in the mountains too. And very cool that you incorporated the recipe in your collage! 💜

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  7. Lol, great idea for the wacky birds today! You’re so creative Jill!

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  8. Fun! My Dad used to make us Snoopy pancakes. 🙂

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  9. Oh yes, this gave me a big smile today, thank you for your crazy birds:-)

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  10. Happy June and happy thoughts on weird bird Wednesday. Yes Jill, you made me smile, thank you.

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  11. Haha! Love the built in frying pan sensor… that’s just awesome!! So fun!! Love it! 😍🎨I wasn’t able to drop by this morning and have been waiting all day to discover this week’s weird bird! Hehe

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  12. Definite smiles…who can resist pancakes? Delightful…running out for more syrup!

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  13. You bird art is always fun, like the movement in this one.. I can imagine those pancakes were delish!!

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